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Book Review: The Little Women

   Shuvee Lamichhane - Mar 20 2023

This month we got the chance to read one of the great illustrated classics, "Little Women" by Louise May Alcott. She is an American novelist. This book was given to me and my classmates as the reading book for the English category for the month of March. We read the short version of the book. However, if I get the time, I am interested in reading the original version too.

Meg March (eldest sister), Josephine March (second sister), Beth March (third sister), Amy March (little sister), Laurie Laurence (rich boy), Marmee (March girls’ mother), Mr. March (father), The Brook, Mr. Laurance, Hannah, Aunt March, Frederick Bhaer

1860s in a New England town of Concord, Massachusetts, during the civil war.

This book tells the story of the March sisters and their lives. In the first few chapters, we learn about their living conditions and the fact that their father is in the civil war. We are introduced to the March sisters: Meg, the oldest and the perfect housewife according to society; Jo, the polar opposite of Meg, more tomboyish; Beth, an artist; and Amy, the youngest. Laurie is also introduced, and Jo and Amy have a fight.

In the middle part, Meg is invited to a party, where the women there dress her up like a doll. Laurie is also present and takes Meg home. The next day, the Laurence and March families, along with Mr. Brook, Laurie's teacher, have a picnic and enjoy themselves. Later, Laurie tells Jo that Mr. Brooks might like Meg, which angers Jo.

The March family receives bad news that their father is very ill, and Mrs. March must go take care of him. After she leaves, Beth continues her mother's good work but contracts scarlet fever. John Brook proposes to Meg, but Aunt March disapproves. Marmee and Mr. March return home and tell Meg that she cannot marry until she is 20 years old. She patiently waits for three years, gets married, and has two children.

After Meg's wedding, Amy focuses on her art and goes with Aunt March. Jo also focuses on writing and writes a novel, as well as taking up work. While working at a woman's house, she meets a man named Mr. Bear. Later, Laurie returns and expresses his feelings to Jo, but she rejects him. Laurie goes off to college, and Jo thinks that Beth likes him, but it is something else.

Meanwhile, Beth's condition worsens. Amy and Laurie begin dating and eventually like each other. Beth passes away, and Amy wants to go back home. Before she leaves, Laurie proposes to her. In the March household, Jo is saddened by Beth's death, but Mr. Bhaer comes to see her, and she finally becomes happy. Laurie and Amy come to visit, and they both get married. Jo also marries Mr. Bhaer, and the book ends.

Critical Analysis
Little Women follows the lives of the March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, during the Civil War era in New England. It shows the financial struggles of the family. As the girls navigate adulthood, they experience love, loss, and personal growth. It has many emotions. It makes me cry and laugh at different times.The book shows the age-gap love story, which annoyed me personally. The novel ultimately ends on a happy note.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I would definitely read it again. I think that this book is of a good length and very understandable as well. The book has everything, including character development. I would love to rate this book 10 out of 10.

In a nutshell, rewriting a book was praiseworthy of the author. I also enjoyed reading it a lot. So overall, I would read it again and recommend all others to read it; the book is truly a great one.

Shuvee Lamichhane
Grade: VI
Author: Louise May Alcott
Language: English
Publication date: 1968
Genre: Novel, Children’s literature

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