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Book Review on ‘Bridge To Terabithia’

   Suvani Karki - Jun 23 2023

Bridge to terabithia is not just a book but a book that expresses the emotion of friendship. An emotion of losing someone you really care for. An emotion of love. It is an adventure of seeking real friendship. And they find one. This is a story of two friends. Jess and Leslie. They are enough, also they have enough. They have their own world where Jess is the King and Leslie is the Queen.

Characters: Jess Arnos,May Belle, Leslie,Jess’s parents, Leslie’s parents, Their music teacher, The eighth graders, Prince Terran(dog).

Plot: Jess was an introverted boy. He had four sisters and being the only boy between four sisters annoyed him. Every morning, during his vacations he used to wake up really early and run in the cow field. He ran to be the best. Best runner in the fifth grade. He used to share his room with her third sister. May Belle. She used to wake up with Jess. Jess always requested May Belle not to tell anyone about the running practice. One fine and burning hot afternoon he was sitting on the fence where he saw someone new moving in front of their house. It was Leslie. They were in the same school. On the first day it was the race that scared Jess rather than any other. In the lunch break they decided to have their race. Leslie joined in. And she won. Jess and the other boys were really embarrassed and furious that a new student made them loose. Jess didn’t talk to Leslie because of the race. But after a day the eighth graders started bothering them so they had to talk. Soon they became really close to each other. Leslie suggested making an enchanted place where only Leslie and Jess could come and go. Leslie thought of the jungle. Where Jess was frightened to go. But they gave it a try. They found a place where they had to cross the river with a rusty rope. They started going almost every day. Jess never liked teachers but his music teacher supported him and he found it really caring. Jess was a great artist and Leslie knew that. So, on Jess’s birthday she gifted him a paint kit. He kept it in their secret place. The jungle. The Terabithia. One day their music teacher invited Jess to visit a museum with her. Jess said yes and went. But, when he returned he was devastated to hear what had happened. Leslie died. The rope broke, as well as Jess’s heart also broke. He thought of making a proper bridge where no one could fall. And that’s where the enchanted land took place.

Critical Analysis: I really love the book. The way of expressing the friendship is just wow. I would recommend it to everyone above the age of eight. But, I will definitely talk about the illustrations. There are only a few illustrations that explain less about the settings held in the story. And, I also feel that there should be more about the sisters. There could have been more space for them to squeeze in the story.

About The Author: Katherine Paterson is an American author who wrote this precious novel, Bridge To Terabithia. Not only this she has written other books like Lyddie, The Master Puppeter, Bread and Roses too and many others. She was born in 1932 October 31. Now she is at the age of 90. She has accomplished to take 2 Newberry award and 2 National Book award. She is a charm for literature and the charm has provided us with a lot of amazing novels.

Suvani Karki
Section: Nemjung
Deerwalk Sifal School

Author: Katherine Paterson
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 192
Publisher: Harper Classic
Price: Nrs 540
Official Release: 1997

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