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   Krishma Thapa - Sep 15 2022

The story begins with Drishya an artist.He was visiting goa. He found Palpasa there. Palpasa always admired Drishya even though she never met him. Drishya published a book with all his art. People really admired it but the face behind the art was hidden.They met at a restaurant during new year time. It was a complete chaos.They decided to meet again in kathmandu. Drishya returned to Nepal. He started living on his own but one day it made the whole Nepal turned into a mess.The Royal Family were shot.

The place he stayed he paid rent for it .The owners were in America.He went to a library and he found an old grandmother there. He got close to her really quick. He started spending time with her without knowing she's Palpasa’s grandma.They were dancing, one day suddenly Palpasa came out of the blue she was shocked she'd never seen her grandma dancing and being close to anyone. They started spending time together, having a strong bond until one day Drishya disappeared. Palpasa missed him alot. He went back to his hometown to learn about the situation there. He had a tough time reaching there. He had a dangerous journey. He was saved by a bullet. His pants had holes in the bullet. He reached his hometown to see all of the changes. His village was not the same anymore. It was quiet and cold. He went to see the condition of his house. It was not the same as it used to be. He came to know about his ‘mith’ (friend) with whom he spent a lot of time in childhood, who used to care about, he had passed away months ago. His parents were not the same anymore; they were cold to him. He went away knowing it's not the situation to talk about.

On the journey to find his friend Siddharth, he was with a girl flirting, she fired a bullet in anger and the maoist were around and grabbed them and they reached the top of the hill. He found his friend Siddharth there he was picking oranges he shouted his name without knowing what's about to happen next. The maoist were alert. They shot Siddhartha in front of Drishya. He saw the painful situation caused by him. Drishya blamed himself for the death of his friend.On the way back to kathmandu he got into a local bus.Coincidentally he found Palpasa there.They both were surprised.The bus stopped for a few mins for quick break. Drishya came out of the bus for a break while Palpasa was still inside the bus. Suddenly a bomb blasted Drishya knew he lost Palpasa too he kept screaming her name but it was of no use. He even blamed himself for this. If he didn't get into this bus he wouldn't have to see Palpasa die in front of him. He was finally in Kathmandu. He wanted to inform the grandmother about Palpsa but he couldn’t.

Palpasa’s friend came to Nepal to know about her and she met the narrator. The narrator told everything about Palpasa. Her journey, their love story(about Drishya and Palpasa)and how she was no more. Palpasa's friend wanted to know more about Drishya so she requested Narayan for the draft of this book “Palpasa’s Cafe”. Narayan Wagle was scared that he would not be able to complete this novel but he did.

Drsihya had an amazing time with Palpasa but all of it was just for some time. He was on his own. Being a cold and responsible artist. His journey was filled with pain knowing about his ‘mit’ passing away, losing Palpasa right in front of his eyes and he was not able to do anything, losing his college friend just by his little mistake. All these things were hard to accept. But then he was gone, he disappeared forever.

In my personal opinion, this book is beautifully written by the author Narayan Wagle. The love affair here was incomplete, how one had to lose all their close ones. Everything is defined in this book perfectly, even small details. I would recommend this book as it shows the chaos during the period of civil movement, how people had been touched in many ways by the struggle and movement in the country. Trust me, they are not the same people as they used to be.

Krishma Thapa
VIII Gaurishankar
Deerwalk sifal school
Author: Narayan Wagle
Published Date: 2005 A.D
Genre: Historical Fiction

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