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Pride and Prejudice

   Prashraya Shrestha - Aug 28 2023

Pride and Prejudice is a novel written by Jane Austen based on the 18th century English countryside. This book discusses marriage and the social dynamic between two families after marriage. This book was an instant hit and sold up to 20 million copies and is regarded as the most critically acclaimed book of Jane Austen.

The novel begins with the famous line: "A wealthy single man must be in want of a wife." Mrs. Bennet sees Bingley as a suitable match for one of her daughters. Bingley is drawn to Jane at a ball. Darcy's meeting with Elizabeth is less friendly, defying first impressions: Darcy's pride and prejudice against her family's status, and Elizabeth's pride against Darcy's arrogance. The pompous Collins arrives, seeking a Bennet bride. Mrs. Bennet suggests Elizabeth, who declines. Collins marries her friend Charlotte. Elizabeth meets Wickham, who says Darcy denied his inheritance. Bingley leaves for London, fueling Elizabeth's dislike for Darcy, whom she blames. Darcy admires Elizabeth's wit. Visiting Charlotte, Darcy confesses his love and proposes. She refuses, accusing him of harming Jane and Wickham. In a letter, Darcy explains his motives, changing her view. Youngest sister Lydia elopes with Wickham, risking their reputation. Elizabeth informs Darcy, who arranges their marriage. Elizabeth learns of Darcy's role. Darcy encourages Bingley's return, and he and Jane get engaged. Darcy proposes again, and Elizabeth accepts, this time because they have come to love one another.

This book discusses many social problems and issues that still persist in our society after three centuries. The first issue is gender roles, also known as sex roles, which are structures constructed by society to determine how individuals of a particular gender should act and behave. For example, a man is regarded as the primary breadwinner of the family and the woman is expected to take care of the children. It was prevalent three hundred years ago and is still prevalent today, in most areas. In many rural places women are not given education and are expected to marry at a tender age so that the parents get a handsome dowry. The same goes for men too. Men are always expected to be strong and protect women but this is not the case, an individual should choose what they want to be or do.

The second major social problem discussed in this book is the relationship between social class and marriage. People in the 18th century usually married people for their class in society. A social class is a certain standard of living which represents the quality of life and the facilities provided. People believed that marrying a person from a higher social class could grant them luxury whereas marrying a person from a lower social class can cause suffering and is a waste of a woman’s beauty. Which brings us to our third major social issue which is financial dependence

It is a recurring issue. In the case of the plot, marriage is a primary route to financial security, and the Bennet sisters' lack of inheritance makes securing suitable marriages essential. Mrs. Bennet's urgency to find wealthy suitors for her daughters stems from this reality, while Charlotte Lucas's pragmatic marriage choice with Mr. Collins highlights the trade-offs women faced. Elizabeth Bennet's refusal to marry for money and her eventual marriage to Mr. Darcy underscore the tension between love and financial stability. The novel exposes the societal pressure on women to navigate the intricate connection between marriage, social status, and financial well-being. This practice is common in most southeast asian countries even till this day. Many parents in these countries look for a well established and rich groom and pay no regards to his personality and how he would treat their daughter. They use their daughter as a ticket to get out of poverty no matter how she feels, which is a bad practice and must be stopped.

This book is a constant conflict between marriage for love and marriage for convenience. In my opinion both of these are very important. Marrying a well established person can make your future secure. Studies have proven that the number of divorces in love marriage is comparatively higher than arranged marriage which begs the question if love marriage is truly worth it because in my opinion, love does not last forever. Love is dynamic, our preference can change on a day to day basis. But at the same time, marrying someone you do not know is risky. You might know about their past and it may take years to create and solidify the bond you have as a husband and a wife. In the book, how people choose to get married shows a struggle between what they personally want and what society expects. The author, Jane Austen, uses the characters' relationships to show that real love is important for a good marriage, and she criticises marriages that happen just for money or status. In the story, characters have different reasons for getting married. Some marry because it's a practical choice – like having a safe place to live and money to live comfortably. Others marry because they really love each other. Austen uses these different types of marriages to talk about how society can pressure people to make certain choices. She shows that true love and understanding are crucial for a happy marriage, and she points out that marriages based only on money or status can be shallow and not fulfilling. Throughout the story, characters' decisions show how hard it can be to find the right balance between what they want and what society tells them to do. This theme shows Austen's thoughts on a society that cares too much about money and status when it comes to marriage. At the same time, she also believes in the power of love to overcome these challenges.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book because it teaches us about different perspectives of people and is filled with drama and excitement. Rather than physical conflict it is more of a mental conflict between the characters themselves which is interesting to read. If you do not have the time to read this book, You can also find the movie based on this book. Which is also critically acclaimed and is regarded as one of the highly rated romance movies.

Reviewed by: Prashraya Shrestha
Grade: X, Machapuchre
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