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The Boggart

   Tanishq Shakya - Feb 03 2023

The book ‘The Boggart’ is written by Susan Cooper and was published in 1993. This book is a fantasy story about a creature named Boggart who is a person but not a human and also is not a ghost, it is a spirit. Boggart is a creature who is a very mischievous spirit and who plays many pranks on people using its magic. He lived with MacDevon but after he died, Boggart was brought unknowingly to Volnik's house. There he started causing troubles and playing pranks on people and eating their food which he had never tasted in his life. Boggart never got caught because he was invisible and only the people he wished could see and hear him could do that.

MacDevon was a chief of a village and people said that he was 100 years old. Tommy was always curious about that but he never had enough courage to ask. The chief lived in a mansion with an old dog named Fergus and in that mansion there also lived a mischievous boggart. One morning MacDevon passed away and Boggart did not know about that. MacDevon had passed away while sitting on an armchair. As the Boggart did not know about MacDevon’s death he set up small pranks and tricks but nothing happened. The old dog Fergus knew about MacDevon’s death and was really sad so he did not eat for days and aso died with MacDevon. Boggart thought of MacDevon as his friend so he was really sad because of MacDevon’s death. One day Emily and Jessup get a phone call saying that they inherited a mansion. They were not planning to go but after knowing that there were tickets on sale they went there. They reach the mansion but they didn’t know about the boggart. Tommy knew about the boggart but he didn’t tell anyone anything about it. The boggart did not like them but when they were returning home they accidentally also carried the Boggart with them. Robert, who was the father of Emily and Jessup, worked in a theater, while Maggie, their mom, owned an antique shop. Emely and Jessup wanted a piece of furniture each for themselves but they didn’t know that the boggart was there. Boggart was in a long sleep and after he woke up he found himself in a new area. He was not in the mansion of Scotland but was in Toronto, Canada. He slowly adapted the habit of living there and started playing tricks in the Volnik’s family. Boggart used to prank everyone in the house for fun and also used to eat and try out all the new food items that he had never eaten before. Emily and Jessup were grounded because their father thought that it was them pulling those pranks. Then, on Halloween afternoon, William, who also worked in the theater, told them that it was a Boggart that was playing those tricks. After knowing that it was a Boggart Emily and Jessup decide to send it back to Scotland.

Critical Analysis and Recommendation:
“The Boggart” is a type of fantasy novel but has no particular theme and it contains unreal or nonexistent things like a spirit. It has 192 pages all together. While reading, this book feels like a short story which has been elaborated or elongated but yet it is very interesting seeing the activities of the boggart and the mischievous pranks and tricks he plays because he really misses his previous owner.

I recommend this book to people of all age groups but I especially recommend this book to a person or people who likes to read about fantasy, spirit, magic etc. This book gets very interesting and has a lot of funny incidents which makes this book more interesting to read.

Tanishq Shakya
Grade: VII
Author: Susan Cooper
Published Year: 1993
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

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