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Book Review: The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

   Aayusi Shrestha - Jul 04 2023

The novel ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ was written by an author named Agatha Christie. The first edition of this book came out in 1926 and was published by William Collins. This novel was published just 8 years after the world war. This book has received a lot of awards. This work of fiction is written in the first-person perspective and remains Agatha Christie's most popular and controversial novel. The story revolves around Dr. James Sheppard, a local physician living with his sister in King's Abbot, London. Driven by a fascination with mysterious suicides and murders, Sheppard becomes entangled in a confusing murder case.

The narrative unfolds when Sheppard's patient, a wealthy widow named Mrs. Ferrars, commits suicide approximately one year after her first husband's death. Having also attended her late husband's demise, Sheppard feels compelled to investigate the cause the wife's death. His sister, Caroline, reveals that Mrs. Ferrars took her own life out of remorse for poisoning her first husband. On the same day, Roger Ackroyd, Mrs. Ferrars's fiancé, invites Sheppard to dinner, where they discuss the suicide case. During their conversation, Roger discloses that they had been engaged for over three months and that Mrs. Ferrars confessed to poisoning her first husband the day before her suicide. She claimed to be blackmailed and pledged to reveal the blackmailer's identity within twenty-four hours. However, just as Roger begins to read aloud the suicide note, which contains the blackmailer's name, he abruptly stops, and dismisses Sheppard.

Later that evening, Roger's butler, calls Sheppard to inform him that Roger Ackroyd has been murdered. Sheppard becomes shocked by the news. Hurrying to Roger's house, Sheppard finds Parker denying having made any such call and expresses ignorance about the murder. Upon breaking into Roger's room, they discover his lifeless body and the suicide note missing. The police are summoned to the scene and start an investigation involving all individuals present in the house. Although Roger's stepson, Ralph, is initially considered a suspect due to matching muddy footprints found at the crime scene with his boots, it is later revealed that he was not involved in the murder at all.

The following day, Roger's daughter, Flora, implores Hercule Poirot, a retired detective living nearby, to investigate the case. Initially hesitant, Poirot eventually agrees and enlists the assistance of Dr. Sheppard in the investigation. Sheppard provides background information and possible explanations while Poirot employs his own methods. Sheppard finds Poirot's approach absurd, stimulating suspicion in the detective's mind on Sheppard's involvement in the case.

Using his knowledge, Poirot gradually pieces together the puzzle. He constructs a profile of the blackmailer. The blackmailer had to kill anyone who could potentially interfere in the case, which led to the murder of Roger Ackroyd. Poirot gathers all the family members and staff in a room, challenging the murderer to reveal their identity, or he will expose them the next day. Poirot's challenge appears to be directed at Dr. Sheppard, whom he privately accused of being Mrs. Ferrars's blackmailer and Roger Ackroyd's killer. Poirot outlines the entire scenario, suggesting that Sheppard killed Roger to prevent the suicide note from exposing him. Poirot offers Sheppard the opportunity to confess and face arrest, leading to Sheppard's admission of guilt. However, before he can be apprehended, Sheppard takes his own life using the same poison employed to kill Mrs. Ferrars.

This book was a turn of events and I would have never expected that ending. I loved the book. I would recommend this book to people who are into and enjoy mystery novels. I have to admit that this book is one of the finest books I have ever read. I really wish that I get to read more novels by Agatha Christie. The suspense makes this book an absolute must-read for fans of the genre.

Aayusi Shrestha
Grade: X, Machapuchhre
Author: Agatha Christie 

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