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The Old Man and The Sea

   Rhiten Giri - Nov 11 2022

This story takes place in Quba and the Gulf of Mexico.The book is about an old fisherman named Santiago.The book starts with an old man on his boat who did not catch a fish for 84 days. He also has a helper named Marolin. But his parents had forced him to find another master because he was with a person who had not caught a fish for 84 days. However, he helps Santiago every day by rowing his boat to the water and rowing it out of the water. Even though he does not work for Santiago he is a very kind boy because he helps the old fisherman by giving him food and cloth and exchange for everything the old fisherman tells him about his old days.

Every night Santiago sees a dream about lions at African beaches and the next morning he drops Marolin at the port and on the 85th day he takes his boat to the gulf of Mexico then there he puts down his fishing rod where he has been trying for a week. In the early afternoon he catches a fish weighing 10 pounds called tuna. Then he decides to eat the fish for dinner. After sometime he gets a shock in his fishing line. He finds out that he got a merlin fish in his fishing line. After a few moments of trying to catch it he feels very sad for the fish.

On the next attempt the fish pulls so hard that Santiago gets a wound on his hand because of the fishing line. The fish leaped up from the water and the fisherman saw that it was a very big fish. He doubts if he could catch the fish and if his hero Joe DiMaggio was there then what would he have done. He kills the fish but a shark attacks the boat on the third day Somehow he manages to kill the shark and other sharks again get attached but he could not protect Merlin and Merlin gets eaten by sharks. He picks up the remains of Merlin and sleeps in his shack.

Next day Manolin came and got emotional seeing Santiago’s wound. Everybody sees the remains of the Merlin and are shocked and Manolin says he would come with Santiago.

Critical Interpretations
‘The Old Man and The Sea’ is a very interesting book. It tells us about the hardships of life. The book also teaches us about hard work and the will power of people. It teaches us about what anyone can do if they have the necessary willpower to do anything in the world. For me the best part of the book was when Santiago caught the fish through will power and not giving up even when he was tired and could not apply more force to catch the fish. The book has certainly taught me about HOPE and the power of not giving up even if life gets tough.

I would recommend this book to the age of 10 and above as it is very hard to read because of its classic literature and the archaic words being used. Make sure to put the dictionary aside when you start reading. Since the book was amazingly cool, I would rate this book 4.7 out of 5 and would definitely recommend reading it.

Rhiten Giri
Grade:7, Pumori
Author: Ernest Hemingway
Genre:Literary Fiction
Published Date: 1952
Pages: 127

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