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The name of the book- The Owl Was Afraid Of The Dark

   Aadhya Shri Poudel - May 22 2023

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark is a book that tells the story of a young barn owl called Plop who is afraid of darkness. It has a heart touching story that motivates the reader to overcome fears and embrace them. It gives a positive message to the readers.

Characters: Plop, Plop’s mummy, Plop’s daddy, Little Boy, Old Lady, Boy Scout, Little Girl, Father Christmas Lady, Man with the telescope.

The book is set in various locations that Plop encounters throughout his adventure. Here are some of the key settings: The barn, where the Plop lives with his family, the forest, the lake, the city, and the school

Plop is a baby barn owl who is afraid of the dark, so his mother tells him to find out something about the dark so he can be okay with it. He goes to talk to a little boy about the dark, and the boy says it is exciting because you can play with fireworks only in the dark. Later, Plop, his mother, and his father watch fireworks at night and have a lot of fun.
Next, Plop visits an old lady who says the dark is kind because you can remember happy moments from when you were young and cherish memories with loved ones. The dark also hides wrinkles on your face, dust on the sofa, and many other things.

Then, Plop goes to a Boy Scout who says the dark is fun because you can play many enjoyable games. He proceeds to visit a little girl, who explains that the dark is necessary because without it, there would be no night, and people would not be able to sleep or receive gifts from Father Christmas.

Plop continues his journey and meets a lady dressed as Father Christmas, who exclaims that the dark is fantastic. Finally, he encounters a man with a telescope who explains that the dark is wonderful because it allows you to learn about constellations.

After listening to everyone's perspectives, Plop concludes that the dark is super.

Critical Analysis
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark" is a delightful children's book that helps us overcome fear of the dark. Through relatable characters and different perspectives, the book encourages understanding and acceptance. It promotes the beauty of darkness and teaches empathy. While the plot is simple and predictable. All the characters are animals, and there is no inclusion of characters from other cultures. Overall, it is lovely and valuable for a reader like me.

Yes, I highly recommend the book for young readers like me. This heartwarming book tackles the fear of the dark in a relatable and gentle manner, offering valuable lessons and promoting understanding. It has wonderful storytelling and beautiful illustrations. It is enjoyable and comforting, and it also encourages children to confront their fears and appreciate the beauty of the night. Moreover, this book is interesting, adventurous, and very rich in vocabulary. This book gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

Aadhya Shri Poudel
Grade: VI
Author- Jill Tomlinson
Illustrator: Paul Howard
Published on- 1968 A.D.
Genre- Novel
Pages- 100
Price- 5.99 (pound)

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