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Book Review: The Truths We Hold

   Suprabh Acharya - Jul 07 2023

“The Truths We Hold” is an autobiography written by Kamala Harris. She is the first Black and South Asian American nominated for vice president of the US and only the third woman. She was born in California on October 20, 1964. Her parents were immigrants from India and Jamaica. Kamala Harris served as the first woman district attorney in US history. She went on to minimise crimes, implemented LGBTQ+ rights and brought policies on racial justice in the United States.

The book focuses on the impact Kamala’s family, community and her environment had on her life. She also explains that it taught her how to work with sense and how equality and justice should be given to others no matter their race, physical appearance. Kamala Harris’s mom, Shyamala Gopalan is shown as a contributor to Kamala’s success. She explains how the lessons taught by her mother Shyamala influenced her own beliefs, thoughts and values which helped her be what she is today. In her journey, Kamala faces many discrimination and injustice from others because she was black and biased due to her race. Despites the discrimination and biasness she stands up for her rights and fights for a judicial and fair world for everyone. She addresses different issues relating to racism, sexism, casteism and how male-dominated society limits opportunities for women in fields they are expert in. Likewise, Kamala Harris tries to fix the Mortgage scams in California. She gives her best to solve this problem and proceeds by investigating banks for mortgage scams and frauds to the citizens. This shows how Kamala is passionate towards her duties and liabilities. She is also an active participant in public works and her morals make her deserving of the recognition he has received. Kamala solves the problems relating to illegal schemes carried out by banks with her dedication and determination.

Kamala Harris implements LGBTQ+ rights in the US. She contributes to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States. She also tries to help the youths to pursue a good career and show them the right path to make their future beneficial. Kamala Harris gives her all to fix the problem of inequality in the US. She also helps in the immigration reform in which policies for immigrants are changed. Her autobiography shows how hard work, teamwork and proper decision making is important for being successful although it is a long journey full of obstacles.

Kamala Harris was a good learner. She was influential to others and she became influenced by others too. She overcomes the struggles of being an immigrant politician in male-dominated society. It shows how Kamala forms a helpful nature and is contributing to others’ success.

She helps refugees get their rights with proper facilities and care. Kamala actively participates in public works and shows her dedication and demonstrates her commitment towards helping others. She plays a vital role in providing essential services and care to refugees along with health care which shows her empathy and compassion for others. Kamala Harris’s autobiography shows the importance of hard work, teamwork and determination towards your work which then turns into a successful career with achievements. Kamala’s journey and her power to overcome obstacles, overcome challenges and her positive thinking helps her dedication and actions to make an overall positive difference in the society.

“The Truths We Hold” demonstrates Kamala’s openness to learning new things and from a different perspective. This helps Kamala’s overall character and her quality to evolve as a leader for others. It also shows how an immigrant woman is treated differently than others and how Kamala has embraced it as an opportunity to fight for justice and inclusion despite being discriminated against and biased in the society. Kamala shares her struggles and hard work which is motivational for someone who is facing similar challenges and is helping them empower positive change. The autobiography also shows how other politicians used citizens and their trust as a medium for them to become more powerful. Kamala Harris also shows how corruption and misogyny takes place in the USA's government.

Through her frank narrative, Kamala Harris highlights the important accomplishments she has made along with the necessary aspects and skills required to become a learner and a leader. This book provides a thorough understanding of Kamala’s life, values, contributions and also the power of dedication, hard work, determination, patience and compassion.

I appreciate Kamala’s commitment to justice and equality. I also like how Kamala confidently addresses social issues such as racism, sexism, etc. which is providing a call to action for survivors and supporters to work towards making the world a better place. Kamala being open to learning from others reminded me of the value and importance of teamwork and the influence it has in personal and professional growth of an individual.

I recommend “The Truths We Hold” by Kamala Harris to other readers. The book provides unique insights into leadership, teamwork and the importance of standing up for what you believe in and what is right. Through her eye-opening narration, Kamala Harris inspires the readers to embrace their opportunities, journeys, overcome obstacles and fight for a quality life in an equitable society. The aspect I liked was how Kamala Harris provides a broad understanding of her life, values, the things she learned from others, and the experiences that helped her overall development and become a better person. Her narration makes the reader connect with her which makes the experience more engaging and relatable while reading. Her experience and story becomes a source for motivation and determination for individuals to get what they want. No matter the genre or theme you like, the book provides a reading experience with enlightenment and helps the reader know about the situation of the outside world. This helps delight and captivate the reader towards the story like a magnet pulling an iron nail. So, I would recommend this book to other readers.

Reviewed by: Suprabh Acharya
Grade: IX Saipal
Roll no: 27014
Genre: Autobiography
Published on: 2019 

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