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The White Tiger

   Sanskriti Karki - Jul 28 2023

"The White Tiger'' by Aravind Adiga is a powerful and intriguing book that explores the harsh realities of modern India. Adiga's writing shows the unfair social system existing in the country. The protagonist of the book Balram Halwai, a former driver turned entrepreneur,his journey from being a humble driver shows as a powerful metaphor for breaking through from the cycle of the caste system faced by a huge mass indians. The differences between the so-called high cast people and the lower caste people is written without any sugar coating. And shows the unfairness in Indian society, emphasizing the clear gap between the wealthy and the poor. Including the contrast to the different sides of india;one being darker and other full of lights. Moreover, it makes us think about the bigger social systems that keep such unfairness going not only in India but across the globe including the society we live in.

In "The White Tiger," the writer explores the hardships faced by the lower classes, shown through the main character Balram Halwai, who wants to break free from his poor upbringing. This reflects the difficulties that many people in Nepal also experience, as they struggle to move up in society due to long-standing cultural rules and expectations. In Nepal, societal norms, such as the caste system, can limit opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, making it challenging for them to improve their lives. The novel's themes of social inequality and the desire for a better life are relatable to many in Nepal, where similar struggles exist for those seeking a path to a better future.

Balram's ambition and his longing for a better life in "The White Tiger" can resonate with people in Nepal who also strive for personal growth and improvement, even when faced with challenges and obstacles. Balram's determination to change his circumstances reflects the aspirations of many Nepali individuals who seek opportunities to better their lives, even when the odds are not in their favor. The book's exploration of this theme might strike a chord with Nepali readers, inspiring them to pursue their own dreams and overcome difficulties along the way.And the way the author criticizes India's rigid caste system " can draw similarities to the hierarchical social structure found in our society.

In summary, although "The White Tiger" mainly focuses on Indian society, it also addresses themes and problems that can relate to people in the developing country. The book highlights the tough reality of social inequality, corruption, and the desire for a better life, which many Nepali individuals can understand. Adiga's portrayal of the complexities and difficulties faced in modern society makes readers from different backgrounds think deeply about these issues that go beyond national boundaries.

Sanskriti Karki
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