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Wrinkle in Time

   Eshita Lal - Jan 20 2023

Madeleine L’Engle wrote this book. It is a Disney production. It is a fictional story of a girl’s adventure to save her father. Meg Murry is our protagonist here. Other important characters include Charles, Calvin, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which.

Meg was a girl who had a normal life. She had siblings, a loving mother, and a father. Her father was an excellent physicist and had landed on a planet that was overtaken by the Black thing and when he tried the tesseract for the first time, he just disappeared. He had disappeared for about one year already and her mother was sick and worried about him. She wrote a letter to him every day but in the end came no reply. Every time Meg thought there was no hope her mother still believed he would return.

One night at almost midnight an old lady came to their house uninformed. Later on, found out she was their new neighbor. After the visit, Meg was shocked. The next day Meg and her brother Charles went out, they were headed toward Mrs, whatsit’s house. On their way, they found a boy around Meg's age. His name was Calvin. They became friends quickly. That night they decide that Calvin should have lunch at their place so Mrs Murray cooks a nice hot stew for them. After lunch when the three come out in the garden they see Mrs Whatsit, and Mrs Who after some time they get to know another lady known as Mrs Which. They tell Meg that when his father was trying to tesser, he did reach another planet but now is in trouble, and Mrs Which told them that they three were a part of the universe but not from this planet and had gotten some signal from here. At last, they tell Meg, Calvin, and Charles to come with them to save her father. Meg agrees as she wants her father back no matter what. Then all three start tesseract with each lady and land on a beautiful planet called “Uriel” There they find talking flowers and when Meg shows them the picture of her father they tell them that her father had come there and directed them to the next place her father went. For that Mrs. Whatsit changes into a beautiful flying creature and takes Meg, Calvin, and Charles on her back and flies. After a while, they see a black object in the sky. Mrs. Which tells them that the black thing is' 'Camazotz”, which is the house of the evil IT. She tells them to avoid the black thing as much as they can. They go to see Happy Medium. There they find that their father was captured by the IT.

When they tesseract again they go to Camazotz. There the three ladies said that they cannot help them anymore but will give them gifts. Mrs. Who gives Meg her glasses, Mrs.Whatsit gives her a gift of knowledge from her mistakes, and Mrs.What gives them the gift of command and warns them to never separate. They all disappear.

The three move on and arrive at a city. The city was very usual but one thing was really special about it. Every child was playing in the same rhythm. And just then the mothers of the children opened the door at the same time and called the kids at the same time. They see that one boy was not able to do it properly and had left his ball outside the house. They take the ball and knock on the door and a woman comes to open the door with no expression at all. When they give the ball to the woman she is shocked less rather than very scared, which makes the three think about it. They move to the city and see no one cares about anything but doing their work. When they go inside the central office, they find out that to meet the IT they have to get in trouble, so they start irritating a man, so he takes them to a wall and opens the wall with a card. Then when the kids go inside they see someone sitting in a chair with a table. The noise coming was so intense that they thought the noise was taking control of their mind but they shook it off by singing. The IT looked very innocent of having red eyes. The three kids argue with IT for a long time but sadly Charles goes inside IT’s mind and gets controlled by IT. Then IT and Charles Take the two kids to a hallway leading to various rooms and in one of the rooms, they see Mr.Murry. Meg tries hard and finally gets to the room and gives the glasses to her father so that he can see them. They again speak to IT and try to get Charles back but fail, so they had to tesser to protect themselves.

They fall into the black thing and land on another planet where they see huge flying creatures. Meg was not well after the tesser so the creature took her in her warm body. After some time Meg woke up feeling good and saw her father and Celvin eating food. Then they called the three ladies. The three ladies arrived and told Meg has to go alone in order to save Charles from IT. Meg reluctantly said yes, but she was angrier with her father. Her father told the ladies Meg would not go because he would not want to lose her daughter again, but Meg wanted to go now but was very scared. The ladies and her father argued for a while and finally let Meg go and save his brother. She hugged the creature, her father, and finally, when she looked at Calvin, he came near and kissed her. After that, she tessered and went back to the Camazotz. Just this time she was alone. Mrs.Which tells her that she has one weapon that IT does not have. She discovers “Love”. By concentrating her love for Charles she was able to restore her brother Charles from IT. They both tessar and reach the Earth where Calvin and her father are waiting for them. Her mother is also very happy to see her father.

This book is really a wonderful piece. A perfect imaginary story/novel for those who are interested in space and astronomy. It is not even so complex to understand. This book gives us the meaning that family is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. We must always be there when our family is in trouble. The book also teaches the value of love. No matter what problem you are in, love has the ability to change everything. I am glad I was able to read such a wonderful book. I would surely recommend this book to everyone.

Eshita Lal
Grade: VII, Pumor
Author: Madeleine L’Engle
Genre: Science/Fantasy Fiction

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