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A Review of Children’s Favorite:20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA

   Aiden Man Nhuchhe Pradhan - Mar 07 2024

About the book
‘20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA’ is an amazing book written by Jules Verne. It contains ideas about how a man dove 20,000 leagues under the sea in just 10 months. It has a lot of fascinating information about marine life.

Plot Summary

The book is an incredible adventure, starting with Pierre Aronnax joining a mission to hunt a mysterious sea monster first spotted in 1866. Though there is a global fear, the U.S. government launches an expedition to destroy it. Pierre, a knowledgeable professor, joins in the mission. After months without success, the monster suddenly reappears, causing chaos and destroying their ship. During the process and incidents that occur, only four people survive. They were Pierre, Ned, the professor's servant, and Conseil. They are rescued by a wealthy man named Nemo, whom they initially don’t trust but build a strong friendly relationship with during ten months of adventures. During the stay they also find a giant pearl and encounter Atlantis which were also two of the major adventures they get to face. Despite Nemo's kindful thoughts and actions taken in their favor, they ultimately choose freedom over their luxurious life with him and they finally return home after over a year at sea.

In the book ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,’ there are four important characters. Professor Pierre Aronnax is the main person in the story. He's a smart scientist from France who goes on a trip to find a big sea creature. He tells us the story and likes to learn about nature. Captain Nemo is the mysterious leader of a submarine called Nautilus. Captain Nemo has a sad past and wants to get back at people. Even though he seems cold, sometimes he's nice and very smart. He shows us that science can be both good and bad.

Ned Land is the main character here. He is a brave man from Canada who joins the adventure. He is strong, clever, and loves freedom. He wants to explore and have fun, unlike being stuck in the submarine. Another character is Conseil who is Professor Aronnax's helper. He is very loyal and does what he's told. He's serious but sometimes makes jokes to make us laugh. He's different from the professor because he's more practical. These characters play important roles because they make the story interesting and help us think about science, adventures, and what's right and wrong.

I recommend this book for all curious students since it describes a lot about marine life. The book teaches us to be generous, and give to the people in need. As it is majorly about going on an amazing adventure under the ocean, the readers get to meet brave characters, see strange creatures, and explore incredible underwater places. This book is worth reading to all adventure seekers!

Name: Aiden Man Nhuchhe Pradhan
Grade: IV (Himalchuli)
Deerwalk Sifal School

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