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A Book Review on: ‘Who is Michelle Obama’

   Eshaan Manandhar - Feb 23 2024

About the Book
“Who is Michelle Obama?” by Megan Stine is like a fun story that tells us all about Michelle's life, from the time she was a kid to the time when she became the First Lady. It shows us how she never gave up, and always cared about others. It's a really good book to read and learn about someone who did amazing things!

Plot Summary
Michelle Obama grew up in a normal place in Chicago. She went to school and enjoyed playing with her brother, Craig. In games like Monopoly, Michelle and her brother Craig would either compete or he would let her win. She sometimes got angry at school, and her head teacher had to call her mother. Her mom thought that her patterns of anger were funny. However, she worked hard in school and got good grades. Michelle also learned to play the piano. Sometimes, she used to treat herself to pizza to value herself. These experiences helped her become the strong and caring person she is now.When Michelle was young, she went to Princeton University and then Harvard Law School. She met Barack Obama while working at a law firm. They fell in love and got married, starting a family together. The book describes their marriage as a strong and supportive relationship because it helped her in balancing her family life and personal goals. Michelle Obama became the First Lady when her husband, Barack Obama, was elected as the President of the United States in 2008. She took on the role of First Lady and used her position to work for important causes and make a positive impact on society.

Character Analysis
In the book, Michelle Obama is shown as someone who never gives up, cares about others, and has a big impact on people's lives. Overall, she is described as a multi-talented and inspiring character in "Who Is Michelle Obama?" She is described not only as a political figure but also as a wife, mother, advocate, and a role model whose impact extends far beyond her time in the White House.

"Who is Michelle Obama?" by Megan Stine is an awesome book one should read! It's all about Michelle Obama, who did really cool things and never gave up. The book is easy to read, with words that are easy to understand. Michelle Obama is like a superhero who teaches us to be kind, work hard, and help others. We can learn new stuff about her, like how she was the First Lady and helped kids stay healthy and go to college. Additionally, there are fun pictures in the book that make the story even more exciting !

Name: Eshaan Manandhar
Grade: IV (Annapurna)
Deerwalk Sifal School

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