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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष लेखहरू

Khasti Shraddha/World Animal Day

With the commencement of the Sorha Saddha may all the godlike Pitri in the Pitri realm between heaven and earth obtain salvation, may all the Pitri cross the Baitarni River, and may the ancestral love be maintained.

May the blessings of the ancestors be maintained, May goodness and good wishes are maintained, and we are the remnants of the ancestors in today's form, aren't we?

Tarpan, Diyo Puja, Vishwedeva Brahman, and other pujas can be performed before the appointed time. There is a belief that if the Pinda is not donated at this time, the Pitris will not get it. Sanatana Philosophy largely acknowledges the importance of Pitri in the existence of life and the universe.

In Vedic Sanatan Sanskrit, Pitrikarma i.e. shraddha is usually performed twice, regular shraddha is performed on the tithi of death and another shraddha is performed during the period of Sorha shraddhas. May peace and happiness prevail in every family with the commencement of this year's Sorha Shraddha Wishing for the salvation of the Pitri who passed away on the Sasthi Shraddha date.

World Animal Day

History of World Animal Day
On March 24, 1925, World Animal Day was originally organized by a German named Heinrich Zimmermann (1887–1942), who was not only a writer, but also published a bi-monthly magazine. Named Mensch und Hund / Man And Dog, he used the magazine as a medium to promote his views on animal welfare and to establish the World Animal Day Committee.

On 24 March 1925, his committee organized World Animal Day. They organized it at the Sports Palace in Berlin, Germany to raise awareness about animal welfare issues of the time, and about 5,000 people took part in the first event. And the event was marked with the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi which was the 4th of October. Francis of Assisi had seen the plight of the animals around him with his own eyes and wanted to cure their pain.

To raise the status of animals in order to improve their welfare standards around the globe, the theme for world animal day 2023 is A, Shared planet.

May we all succeed in establishing a healthy and friendly relationship between animal rights and human animals. Happy Animal Rights Day to all

Suyog Dhakal

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