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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष लेखहरू

Basanta Panchami Brata (Saraswati Pooja)/International Custom Day


सरस्वती मया दृष्टा
वीणापुस्तक धारिणी ।

हंसवाहन संयुक्ता विधादानं करोतु मे ॥

Meaning: Mother Saraswati, who is as bright as the moon,
adorned with a white robe, a harp in her hand, and a gift-giving crystal garland, a goddess seated on a white lotus flower, worshiped by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, disintegrates our ignorance and gives us pure knowledge.

Started with the simple translation of this mantra, Happy Saraswati puja everyone.

Shri Panchami or Basant Panchami
Saraswati Puja or say Shri Panchami or Basant Panchami, is a special day celebrated by worshiping goddesses Saraswati, the epitome of knowledge and music. It is believed that the spring season will start today. From this heart-wrenching winter and the drizzle of chilling cold, now welcome to the Kuhu Kuhu of cuckoo and the starting of spring, the king of all seasons.

Vedic Sanatan Hindu rites have very practical dimensions.

These rites have become an integral part of Nepalis. Plough, oxen, soil, plants, dogs, including daughters, tools, and food, we worship and acknowledge the presence of everything in our life. Today is the day to worship creation and knowledge.

Importance of mother Saraswati cited from Brahma Bhivarta Purana
It is mentioned in the Brahma Bhivarta Purana that Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, art, words, science, and thought, is worshiped by everyone today. After waking up in the morning, after bathing in the morning, the urn is set up with a clean cloth, and the deities Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. are worshiped respectively, the sun is also worshiped and Saraswati is worshiped.

There is a special atmosphere in schools today.

Although most of the schools are operating online due to the risk of covid infection, the schools are physically closed. This year's Saraswati Puja is advocating for knowledge and discipline to the growing generation through a new teaching method.

In the Terai, the colorful and juicy buniya, fruits, and other sweets are distributed as prasad. In some schools, a huge fiesta has been organized with the active participation of the students. Many schools today are adorned with colorful pylons, and entrances are decorated with Ashoka tree leaves banana stalks and bamboo stems.

In Kathmandu, fairs are held at various Saraswati temples such as Nirbarahi, Lazimpat, Swayambhu, Nilsaraswati of Garidhara, Lele of Lalitpur, etc., while gatherings are held in many temples and central schools across Nepal. The idol of Saraswati in Pashupati is also worshiped by Buddhists as Manjushri. Special worship is performed on the same idol today.

Speaking in the context of Nepal, we Nepali certainly do not live in a really small context, our context of living is really wide. Most of the government schools across Nepal have a small or large Saraswati temple somewhere on their premises. It is important to look at Goddess Saraswati as more proximal to human learning than to Hinduism or culture. Regardless of our religion or belief, we can take Saraswati as a fulfillment of our creation and knowledge.

Basant Panchami celebrated by Muslim: Anecdote of poet Amir Fusro
Today's Basant Panchami is celebrated by the Muslim community as the Sufi Basanti. This fact is documented in various documents and Muslim legends since the 12th century. Nizamuddin was deeply saddened by the untimely death of Takuddin, the nephew of the then Fakir Nizamuddin of Delhi.

The great Sufi poet Amir Fusro was able to make the fakir laugh by gifting him an unexpected flower pot and yellow cloth and making him happy. Thus, the day got commemorated as Sufi Basant since that time. We may be of any religion or culture but we all need to appreciate creation and creator. Basanta Panchami is the day for it.

May the writer's ink never run out, may the speaker's voice be always correct, and may the viewer's eye and judgment always be open. Let the alphabet and word configurations from A to Z always accompany us in expressing knowledge, let us continue to use the letters and right articulation and grammar accompany us, and let all the melodies of music and expressions accompany us. The main thing is to fill your life with Shriganar Rasa, and Jai Saraswati Mata.

National Book day (Rastriya Pustak Diwas- Nepal)
National Book Day is also celebrated on the day of Saraswati Puja every year. Only a few years ago, the National Book and Stationery Association demanded the government declare the day of Saraswati Puja as National Book Day.
National Book Day is celebrated by holding many programs on its initiative. In the pages and letters of every book, Goddess Saraswati resides, May Saraswati's grace and compassion always remain in the Nepali alphabet, grammar, and vocabulary. There should never be a lack of knowledge in this land.

International custom day

The World Customs Organization (W.C.O.) first observed International Customs Day on January 26 of each year. This day honors all the customs agents and organizations who work tirelessly to maintain efficient global commerce management. The officials also ensure the smooth functioning of trade operations across international borders and put people at the very center of the transformation process. Each year, the day also follows a new theme like ‘Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal, and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain’ or ‘Customs fostering sustainability for people, prosperity, and the plant.’

The WCO is dedicating 2023 to Nurturing the next generation: promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing and professional pride in Customs.

As Nepal is a landlocked country, customs are very important to us. Goods imported or exported are audited at such customs offices, taxed according to the laws of the country, and imported according to the standards. Thus, the country collects the customs duty as revenue for various activities related to development, security, and other national interests.

These are the sources of most of the government's investment in the country's development measures, from roads to schools, bridges, and other physical infrastructure, and other measures of development. Goods coming in large cargo vehicles through customs checkpoints in China or checkpoints in India are our lifeline.

Today, Customs Day is celebrated in Nepal by holding various awareness programs and seminars as well as citizen motivational and informative programs.

Supplying any goods or services by evading customs is a legal crime, and evading customs to supply goods and services is punishable. Every year on Customs Day, the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Nepal sets a specific objective and discusses whether that objective has been achieved or not. And they also discuss further difficulties and practices.

May the Government of Nepal succeed in exchanging goods and services from all over the world, and execute meaningful trade agreements with both China and India for import and export. The only international airport, namely Tribhuvan Airport, should be made more scientific and convenient to facilitate easy import and export.

Let the loyalty of the civil servants not be jeopardized. The details and calculations of customs audits in the world, which have been made easy and simple by computer technology, are still being done in Nepal mostly on old and handwritten paper so that technology can make Nepali customs easier to bind. May the interest of Nepali and the victory of Nepal be ensured.

 Suyog Dhakal

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