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Dhanu Sakranti


Dhanu Sakranti or Dhanu Sankraman is the first day of Poush month. Dhanu Sakranti occurs when the sun crosses over to the zodiac sign Sagittarius which is known as the Dhanu Rashi. In a Hindu calendar year, the sun crosses over to different zodiac signs a total of twelve times. This phenomenon is called Sankranti. This means that there are twelve Sankratis in a year and the first day of a month is Sakranti.

Welcome to the ninth month of this year, Poush. This is the month with the shortest and coldest days and it commemorates Lord Jagannath and Lord Surya.

Lord Krishna proceeded to Mathura on this day, so this Sakranti also commemorates the importance of an initiation for righteousness.

The cold is at its peak, we got to take care of ourselves. This month is also called orangy month as the markets are filled with oranges. Enjoy the month, stay safe.

Suyog Dhakal

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