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International Anti-corruption Day


"Recover with Integrity"
निष्ठाका साथ सुधार गरौँ

Every year on December 9, Anti-Corruption Day is celebrated around the world to raise the voice against corruption. In 2003, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the day as Anti-Corruption Day.

What is done today?
Today, the focus is on raising awareness about corruption around the world. Corruption can be reduced if the importance of humanity, morality, and a simple lifestyle without ambition is inculcated in the people. On the other hand, if we can set an example by taking action against the corrupt, we can move forward towards the path of radical development by reducing corruption in the coming days.

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority has been constituted as a constitutional body to take action against the persons holding positions in various bodies of any institution or state in Nepal.

We need to learn to live happily and earn our living without being plagued by constant new dreams, including money and a happy lifestyle. It is also our right and obligation to pay taxes to the government and to advocate for it. Making a fortune through corruption may be short-lived. Such wealth afflicts generations.

Every state in the world has taken the best measures to address this crisis and to avoid global economic collapse. Billions of funds are being engaged in procuring medical equipment and an economic safety net for people and businesses in distress. This creates magnificent opportunities for corruption, this year's anti-corruption day focuses on the crisis and corruption.

"Recover with Integrity" is the slogan for this year which strongly highlights in putting effective corruption mitigation measures. This also focuses that inclusive COVID recovery can only be achieved with integrity.

Best wishes of this day.

Suyog Dhakal

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