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International Mountain Day


पखेरुमा जन्मे
टाकुरमा खेल्ने
म झुक्दै झुक्ने नेपालको छोरो

For centuries, the mountain has been revered in the Nepali environment and way of life. On this year's World Mountain Day, best wishes to the world from Nepal, the capital of the mountains.

Today, December 11, the world has been celebrating Mountain Day in recognition of the high mountains and its significant contribution to natural life.

Global talk of Nepali mountains
Nepali mountains and mountaineers are being talked about all over the world. Today, mountaineer Nirmal Purja, his record and his series of 14 peaks on Netflix are the talk of the world. This is followed by another series "Aftershock" which depicts the pain and social construct of Nepali mountain society and people focusing on the earthquake.

Women move mountains is the theme of this year's International Mountain Day on 11 December. Women play a key role in environmental protection and social and economic development in mountain areas. They are often the primary managers of mountain resources, guardians of biodiversity, keepers of traditional knowledge, custodians of local culture and experts in traditional medicine.

We Nepalis are known as the citizens of the country of Mount Everest. 43% of the total land area of ​​the country is covered by hills, of which 15% of the total land area is occupied by mountainous areas. In this sense, we are the main focus of World Mountain Day and we have a great responsibility for the changing colors, temperatures, and the life cycle of the entire animal kingdom. Today, the earth is being affected by changing global temperatures, the snow-capped glaciers of the past are constantly turning to the black stone, the places where snowfalls are constantly raining, and various vegetation is appearing in such places.

About 1 billion people worldwide live in the glaciers of these mountains. They rely on the mountains for food, fuel, and employment, but these gigantic mountains are at risk for several reasons, including climate change, soil erosion, and indiscriminate use of natural resources. Today, all the human beings in the world seem to be united for the protection and support of the mountains by improving their habits.

Let's all engage in homework including safe living and protection of mountainous areas, Happy World Mountain Day to all!

Suyog Dhakal

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