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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष लेखहरू

Poornima Vrata/Dattatreya Jayanti/International Civil Aviation Day

The last day of Shukla Paksha is the full moon day. On this tithi, the moon is the brightest and most magnificent. It is believed that fasting on this day brings immense lunar grace to health, prosperity, and peace. On the full moon day, Lord Shiva and Vishnu are especially worshipped.

Special worship to Lord Vishnu is done in the form of Satya Narayan Puja. Satya Narayan Puja is usually performed whenever possible, although the fruits of this puja performed on the day of the full moon are very abundant.

From a scientific point of view, it is said that gravity will have a great effect on the earth on the day of the full moon and self-purification will be done by fasting on this day and remembering the name of God. By fasting on this day, the metabolic process will be strengthened, gastric problems will be solved and positive energy will increase in the body.

This day is fasted from sunrise in the morning to moonrise in the evening. Some people observe this fast without drinking water, while others observe this fast by eating only one meal and eating no salt (alino) food. In the evening, after the moonrise, the fast ends with the sighting of the moon. Happy Purnima to everyone.

Let there be the protection of both religion and the followers of religion.

Dattatreya Jayanti
In Sanatan Darshan, there are three forms of power based on the God element. It is believed that Dattatraya was born to bind these three streams of power in the form of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar. In this sense, Dattatraya, the integrated form of Tridev, is also considered a bridge of ideas in Sanatan Darshan. In Srimad-Bhagavatam, it is mentioned that Dattatraya was born as the son of Maharshi Atri and his wife Anusuya.

If you look at every complete statue or picture of Dattatraya, you will see four dogs in front of him and a cow behind him. Sanatan Darshan will always be grateful to Dattatraya, the integrated form of the Tridev, who was born in the Satyayuga, and for the restoration of religion and interpretation of the scriptures. At a time when the Vedas and the Tantra paths are almost separated, Dattatraya's contribution to building a single path of knowledge by bringing the two paths into the same stream will always be remembered.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Dattatraya to restore this tradition and revive the Vedic religion through extraordinary remembrance as the tradition of exchanging teachings between Guru and disciple was declining and the Shrutis were disappearing in SatyaYuga.

A sect was formed by integrating the Vedas and the Tantra path from Lord Dattatraya. Today, the entire world remembers Gid and Guru Dattatraya, best wishes on his birth Jayanti.

International civil aviation day

International Civil Aviation Day helps generate and reinforce worldwide awareness of the importance of international civil aviation to the social and economic development of States, and in helping States to cooperate and realize a truly global rapid transit network at the service of all mankind.

Bad civil aviation can be a disaster, the past year depicts the Ukraine International airline flight 752 crash by possible mistake of the Iranian government. Today, the world also remembers those people who lost their lives in an aviation crash. Aviation demands operational solidarity and uniformity of procedures globally, today the world reaffirms this fact.

As the UN and world nations have now adopted Agenda 2030 and embarked on a new era of global sustainable development, the importance of aviation as an engine of global connectivity has never been more relevant to the Chicago Convention’s objectives to look to international flight as a fundamental enabler of global peace and prosperity.

Every five years, coinciding with ICAO anniversaries (2014/2019/2024/2029/etc.), the ICAO Council establishes a special anniversary theme for International Civil Aviation Day. Between these anniversary years, Council representatives select a single theme for the full four-year intervening period.

In recognition of ICAO’s 78th anniversary, the Council selected the following theme “75 Years of Connecting the World” for the 2022 celebrations.

From now until 2023, the Council has decided that the theme will be:

 “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”

 Best wishes

 Suyog Dhakal

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