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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष लेखहरू

Saptami Shraddha/International Day For The Preservation Of The Ozone Layer

With the commencement of the Sorha Saddha may all the godlike Pitri in the Pitri realm between heaven and earth obtain salvation, may all the Pitri cross the Baitarni River, and may the ancestral love be maintained.

 May the blessings of the ancestors be maintained, May goodness and good wishes are maintained, and we are the remnants of the ancestors in today's form, aren't we?

Tarpan, Diyo Puja, Vishwedeva Brahman, and other pujas can be performed before the appointed time. There is a belief that if the Pinda is not donated at this time, the Pitris will not get it. Sanatana Philosophy largely acknowledges the importance of Pitri in the existence of life and the universe.

In Vedic Sanatan Sanskrit, Pitrikarma i.e. shraddha is usually performed twice, regular shraddha is performed on the tithi of death and another shraddha is performed during the period of Sorha shraddhas. May peace and happiness prevail in every family with the commencement of this year's Sorha Shraddha Wishing for the salvation of the Pitri who passed away on the Saptami Shraddha date.

International Day for The Preservation Of The Ozone Layer

September 16, 1987, also known as World Ozone Day, commemorates the day Montreal Declaration on Reducing the Production of Harmful Ozone by 24 nations. Such harmful elements include chlorofluorocarbons and 94 other chemicals. This World Ozone Day has been celebrated since 1995.
Remember that ozone, about 15 to 30 km above the Earth's atmosphere, is a protective shield. This prevents the sun's harmful rays from entering the earth directly. Due to human activities and uncontrolled industrialization and the use of excessive chemicals, such ozone layers have begun to deplete and perish.

Ozone Depletion
Remember that the depleted ozone layer cannot be repaired by humans on their own, and the conservation of ozone is essential for the protection of human beings and civilization. The protection of the zone level requires the availability of reliable means of public transport and the promotion of low fuel consumption means such as bicycles and pedestrians. Similarly, body perfumes and perfumes used in factories are considered to be the primary cause of ozone depletion. Such a substance is called spray aerosol which has been used in the industry for over fifty years.

Such sprays contain chlorofluorocarbons, which reach the ozone layer and combine with the parasitic layer to destroy the ozone and convert it into chlorine. One such molecule of chlorine destroys thousands of ozone molecules.

Without ozone, the sun's harmful rays can lead to an increase in cancer and other diseases, negatively affect the life of aquatic and terrestrial life, and endanger human existence as a whole. In other parts of the world, 20 percent of the ozone layer is depleted, but over Antarctica, 80 percent more ozone has been depleted due to cold weather and chlorine depletion.

Theme for 2022

"Global Cooperation Protecting Life on Earth"

World Ozone Day 2022 is observed under the theme Global Cooperation Protecting life on Earth. The theme is decided to save the life of people who survive on the Earth to make protect the ozone layer and our environment.
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