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Election of members of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly/Utpattika Ekadashi Vrata/International Childrens day

Election of members of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly
The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal on Shrawan 19, 2079 B.S has announced the election date for 275 members of the House of Representatives and 550 members of the Provincial Assembly on Mangsir 4, 2079 B.S.

According to the legal system of Nepal, the government has the constitutional right to announce the date of the election in consultation with the Election Commission. According to the Election Commission, 165 people will be directly elected and 110 people will be elected through the proportional system in today's election. According to the Election Commission, 330 people will be directly elected and 220 people will be elected proportionally for the seven provincial assemblies.

Through the direct election system, one candidate who gets the most votes in each constituency will be elected. In the proportional system, the number of MPs to be elected will be distributed based on the votes received by the parties. But to get a proportional seat, the Election Commission has a rule that three per cent of the votes in the House of Representatives and 1.5 per cent in the Provincial Assembly should be obtained.

The Election Commission has prepared to arrange four ballot papers for the direct and proportional candidates of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly. The Commission has said that the election will be held in one phase on Mangsir 4. Earlier, the House of Representatives and the State Assembly elections were held in two phases on the 10th and 21st of Mangsir 2074 B.S.

In the previous election, 164 people from nine political parties were directly elected to the House of Representatives.
Let's choose the right leadership in this time's House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly member elections. The election is both our duty and our right, make sure you cast your vote.

Utpattika Ekadashi Vrata

First Ekadashi after Kartik Poornima
The Krishna Paksha Ekadashi after Kartik Purnima is Utpanna Ekadashi. This is also known as Utpatika Ekadashi. This is associated with the origin of all Ekadashis and their significance.

Utpatika Meaning
As "Utpatika Ekadashi" is the first of all Ekadashis, those who take the brat of Ekadashi should start the Ekadashi brat ritual from today. Ekadashi falls twice a month as "Krishna Paksha" and "Shukla Paksha", of which Ekadashi after the full moon is called Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha and Ekadashi after no moon (aaunshi) is called Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha.

Utpatika Ekadashi Vrat Katha
Awful demon Mura was extraordinarily powerful, he defeated the whole godly assembly of Indra Loka and captivated Indra Lok.

To end the tranny of Mura, Lord Shiva suggested seeking help from Lord Vishnu. Mura was based in Chandrawati city, gods reached there. Lord Vishnu and Muracame across each other. Sudarshan Chakra and divine Gadha both proved less effective to Mura. Then it was converted into MallaYudhha (One to one fight without any weaponry).

Lord Vishnu hide in Hemvati caves after the prolonged battle. Mura tried to kill the sleeping Vishnu but to counter the attack a powerful feminine power was born out of the divine body of Vishnu. This feminine power killed Mura.

This lustre of Lord Vishnu was Yagya Maya, Lord Vishnu blessed her that anyone who observes fasting for her shall get rid of all sorts of sins and achieve salvation.

Yagya Maya bestows Dharma, Dhanya, and Moksha to her devotees, and Ekadashis manifest Yagya Maya and her divinity.

Universal Children's day

United Nations celebrates Universal Children's day on November 20.

Today, each of us must work to promote children's rights, create a better world for children, and create awareness in society about creating a conducive environment for the welfare of these children. Today, the United Nations organizes informative programs around the world to make an effective impression on the world about the importance of children.

Objective of Universal Children's day
The main objective of this day is to create a world where every child is in school, safe from any kind of harm, can dream openly, and carry the possibility of fulfilling it.

While celebrating International Children's Day today, every parent needs to think about their relationship with their children, life is getting very busy but have they been able to give enough time and love to their children or not? Whether or not you-our children are heading in the right direction, if not, we need to consider how we should change our behavior.

Theme 2022

"Equality and Inclusion, for every child”

Good luck to all our children to be good, to think well, to speak well, and to look good.

Suyog Dhakal

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