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World Diabetes day


Background of World Diabetics day
November 14 is celebrated every year to commemorate the birthday of scientist Frederick Banting, who played a key role in the development of insulin used to treat diabetes. Frederick, born in 1881 and died in 1941, is a Canadian citizen who has made significant contributions to the production of the hormone insulin during his entire lifetime. Various public awareness programs are being held on the occasion of this day, which has been celebrated since 1991 at the call of the World Health Organization.

The theme for world Diabetic day, 2022
The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-23 is access to diabetes care. 100 years after the discovery of insulin, millions of people with diabetes around the world cannot access the care they need. People with diabetes require ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications.

However, the annual theme for 2022 is ‘Education to Protect Tomorrow’.

At present, more than 420 million people worldwide are at risk of diabetes, while in Nepal alone, it is estimated that at least one million people are affected by diabetes. Although lifestyle diabetes is not a contagious disease, it is considered a family disease. If only one member of the family has diabetes, it can affect the whole family. It affects the lifestyle, diet, relationships, financial and mental aspects of the entire family.

Doctors suggest that you can avoid diabetes by paying attention to your daily diet, exercising regularly, and adopting a stress-free lifestyle. A diet that is more likely to be high in carbohydrates, fatty, and sugary foods must be avoided.

Precisely, the right diet, lifestyle, positive thinking, regular physical exercise can control diabetes in time. People with diabetes should not smoke or drink alcohol. If one's family has diabetes in the previous generation, then the next generation must also be aware of diabetes. If we are aware of the time, we can push diabetes away from our lives. Nowadays, most of the market foods and packaged foods are on the rise, such junk foods are considered to be very bad. It is recommended to eat grains instead of highly processed carbohydrates.

The generation within the screen needs to come into nature, football needs to be played on the field, not remotely, stress management measures need to be taken and diabetes needs to be eradicated from life. Health is wealth.

 Suyog Dhakal

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