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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष लेखहरू

Pahachahre/World Oral Health Day/International Day of Happiness


"Paha" means guest and "Chahre" means Chaturdashi. This day is also called "Pishach Chaturdashi". There is an ancient tradition of celebrating the Chartudashi of Chaitra Krishna Paksha with joy and excitement in Newa civilization.

This is also the last Chartudashi of this year. This Chartudashi is considered as a religious end and faith destination for diseases and calamities that may occur during the early summer and dry season.

Significance in Sanatana and Buddhist community
This day is revered by the Neva community of both Hindu and Buddhist backgrounds. Today idols of Ganesh, Bhairav, Bhagwati, and Ashta Matrika are revered with special khat journey. This evening is celebrated with special worship of the hidden Mahadev (Lukumahadya :).

This is the pisach form of Mahadev, who eats whatever he finds in a dirty place. On this day, this form of Mahadev is taken out of there and worshiped by offering clean garlic plants, traditional alcohol, and other food items. This festival is called Pisach Chaturdashi because of the worship of this pisach form of lord Mahadev.

Another significance of this Chartudashi is the Ghode Jatra that will take place tomorrow.

Today, in the Newar community, people wear a traditional mask (Mukundo) and dance. Several processions are seen on the streets and Kathmandu streets are seen to be busy in their traditional fiesta of Pahachaharey. Today, the Newa community organizes a grand banquet and invites their daughters, relatives, and friends to their homes. That is why today there is a belief that love, affection, harmony, and unity between family relationships are strengthened.

It is said that there was a feud between King Pratap Malla of Kathmandu and King Srinivas Malla of Patan around 787 Nepal Sambat. It is said that a horse was run in Bholakhya: Tol in Patan so that the people of Patan would not go to see the horse procession in Kathmandu.

I will talk about these issues on the day of the Ghode Jatra tomorrow.

World Oral Health Day

Oral health is regardless of any age. People of all ages should value and care for their oral health. Join the global community on World Oral Health Day to take pride in your mouth for a lifetime of smiles.

Every year on March 20, we celebrate World Oral Health Day as we unite around the world to help reduce the burden of oral diseases. The purpose of this day is to empower people with the knowledge, tools and confidence to protect their oral health.

Slogan for Oral Health Day 2023
The slogan of Oral Health Day 2023 is Be Proud of your mouth. Today, a video and selfie challenge has been done by hashtagging #MouthProud #WOHD23 to show your mouth and smile around the world.

90% of the world's population suffers from oral diseases in their lifetime. Although most of these oral diseases are preventable, oral health problems still exist due to lack of proper treatment and public awareness. Organized by FDI, the World Dental Federation, National Dental Associations around the world conduct campaigns in more than 130 countries on World Oral Health Day. The year 2013 was started to be celebrated on this day.

International Day of Happiness
March 20th is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. Happy Day is celebrated with the belief that we can create a happier and kinder world together by adopting a simple, daily practice. This day reminds us that being happy is a basic human right and it is important to be happy.

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that made happiness a fundamental human goal and called for happiness to be prioritized as much as economic opportunity. Two years later in 2013, all 193 member states of the United Nations celebrated the world's first International Day of Happiness, and it continues to be held on March 20 of each year.

Nepal in World Happiness Index
In the 10th edition of the World Happiness Report 2022, which was released before the International Day of Happiness in March 2022, Nepal is ranked 84th. For the fifth year in a row, Finland has topped the list as the happiest country in the world.

The Happiness Ranking is part of the World Happiness Report. A country's score is based on a survey in which participants rate their current quality of life on a scale of zero to 10.

Learn to be happy and make happy.

Suyog Dhakal

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