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Looking back at 2022 AD

Let's welcome 2023 AD with JOY.

Another year has passed. Before we resume this year, let’s have a look at what we went through in 2022.

Looking back at 2022 AD (In Nepal)
The year 2022 for Nepal has been a mixed bag. It can be taken as the starting year of a power source change and transformation. It is believed that the new trend of political ideology that started in the year 2022 will awaken a new consciousness in the coming years. This year we had a series of elections, for Local Government, Provincial Government and House of Representatives. This year has provided a big transformation in the political scenario, which was not seen previously. Independent persons with ideas got independent support, rising above the parties and their ideologies.

The year 2022 brought Balendra Shah, Gopal Hamal, Harka Sampang, Rabi Lamichhane, Toshima Karki, and many others as emerging names in the Nepali political constellation. Now, this year it is their opportunity to justify their promises. Current parties' disputes, unhealthy alliances and the leadership's fascination with power have encouraged Nepalese desire for a new leadership shift more during this year. This could be a signal that slowly there is a generational transfer in the political sphere.

It was a stressful year for Nepal in terms of economics. On the one hand, the burden was placed on the state’s treasury from the elections while on the other hand, the global economic recession and liquidity crisis have had a negative impact on most of the sectors including the stock market, banking, real estate, import and export. Previous year’s pandemic impacted Tourism and other businesses, which barely was able to rise again in 2022. There were no significant actions taken by the government leadership to bridge the economic gap.

We had tragedies this year with the plane crash in Mustang taking away the lives of 22 people. At least 33 people lost their lives during heavy floods throughout Nepal, Karnali Province being the most affected. There were many other road accidents in various parts of Nepal, mostly during the monsoon season. Despite many years of investigation we couldn’t see the culprit of Nirmal Pant’s case behind the bars. With the demise of “Person of the Century '' of Nepal Satyamohan Joshi, Nepalese were in deep sorrow. Slowly we were recovering from the corona pandemic, but then we were hit by the Dengue Pandemic causing many casualties.

There were many activities of Nepali netizens on social media in the year 2022. We saw the movement against the MCC compact and sometimes the hashtags against the increase in the price of petroleum products. They were among the popular ones in the Nepali digital ecosystem. We saw many other activities which were a real buzz in the social media, such as Tukucha river extraction, Metropolitan parking space, Dozer for demolition, etc. which got a lot of discussion.

2022 A.D in retrospective (Global context)
Russia launched a “special military operation” on February 24, 2022 to invade Ukraine, which is still in action and we don’t see any ceasefire happening yet. The impact of this conflict between Russia and Ukraine caused a rise in fuel and food prices in the world market, and the polarization of the entire world started again in the year 2022.
The arrival of Joe Biden as the president of the United States of America, and the return of Xi Jinping of China, are also of great importance for the year 2022, as the great powers are in competition with contrasting political ideologies. In the year 2022, even though countries around the world have returned to normal post-Covid conditions, with the onset of 2022 we are seeing a massive uprise in covid cases in China with the new variant’s impact. We will find the answer to what happens next in 2023.

This year the death of Queen Elizabeth II saddened many. While the newly elected Prime Minister of England was of Indian origin, showing the world an example of equality and inclusiveness. This also happened in the USA, with Kamala Harris who was elected as Vice President.

Starting from Sri Lanka's dire economic condition, all the countries in South Asia were also hit by rising prices, inflation and lack of liquidity within the year 2022, but not as bad as Sri Lanka. In Pakistan, new leadership emerged with the dismissal of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, and in Afghanistan, growing social restrictions with the rise of the Taliban peaked in 2022.

Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2022. With 32 teams, 64 games, 172 goals later Argentina were crowned champions for the third time after beating France in a penalty shootout. Lionel Messi finally had his hands on the golden trophy after a long wait. We also saw the T20 Cricket world cup where England won. This year the world population exceeded 8 billion. We are a huge family now and growing.

Hamro Patro in 2022
Hamro Patro completed its 12th anniversary this year. Now, it has grown into an all-in-one super app that includes financial services, ecommerce, remittances, tele-medicines, news aggregators, and much more. More than 13 million people use its app every month. This year Hamro Patro Remit brought NRs. 1.5 billion remittance to Nepal within the first year of its operation.

Hamro Patro Health started a conference call system where relatives or a third party can connect along with doctor and patient. This service has allowed relatives who live abroad and are concerned about their loved one’s health back in Nepal. This year Hamro Patro health received more than 3000 consultations and above 200 doctors are available for your service. The trust of the users of the Hamro Patro Family has been continued as Hamro Jyotish, Hamro Gifts, Hamro Patro Health, Hamro Recharge, etc. has proved that the horizon of the use of technology has opened up to the Nepali people. A new product Hamro Pay which has been released internally and will be released soon to all of our valued customers.

The year 2023 has brought many hopes and expectations. Let's make the most of 2023!
Happy New Year 2023!!! Cheers!!!

Suyog Dhakal

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