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Hamro Patro - A complete app for your information needs

In this age of internet, mobile phones have now become basic necessities and life has become much easier thanks to the multitude of apps available to ease our work in various ways. One such app is our own Hamro Patro app which started as a calendar based app and now has expanded to a lot of other areas with features like adding notes to your calendar to keep track of your upcoming events, blogs and articles on all events to help us know the significance of any event that is being observed on the said date, various financial indices including forex, bullion, share market updates, etc. horoscope, fortune telling and a lot more. This one app is so useful that most of us have it on our phone. The popularity of this app is definitely due to the fact that it has made it easy to keep track of different activities that we have in our lives day in and day out and it's not limited to these events and activities. The app has very thoughtfully added many features which makes it a complete informative app. The app integrates news from various platforms and thus if you need your share of current affairs it's there on the app. Besides these you can also watch a number of informative videos and listen to audios from the app’s audio and video section.

The best part about the app is that it keeps adding new features and these add up to our daily requirements of information. For example you can get reviews on various products, keep yourself updated with the latest vegetable rates and many more. For those who have not yet explored the app I would recommend you to start searching for the kind of information you look for and I am sure you will find it already on the app. The app helps you manage your time by bringing all the information on one app and you don't need to download space consuming and different apps for any type of information.

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Hamro Patro - Connecting Nepali Communities
Hamro Patro is one of the first Nepali app to include Nepali Patro, launched in 2010. We started with a Nepali Calendar mobile app to help Nepalese living abroad stay in touch with Nepalese festivals and important dates in Nepali calendar year. Later on, to cater to the people who couldn’t type in Nepali using fonts like Preeti, Ganesh and even Nepali Unicode, we built nepali mobile keyboard called Hamro Nepali keyboard.