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Hamro Patro’s “Notes” Feature – An Easy Solution To Keep Track of Your Daily Life and Needs

Nepal’s most loved app “Hamro Patro” has numerous user friendly and functional features and one of these is the “Notes” feature. At a time when life is moving at a rapid pace and we tend to forget many important tasks and events in our life, this feature is a problem solver.

Keeping in mind the needs of each individual, the feature helps you mark important dates and events and you can also color code the events to organize yourself. For example bill payment reminders, birthdays, meetings, occasions, etc. can be marked and color coded with different colors accordingly to make it easier for you to manage your daily engagements. This feature is available in both the app and the web version and you have to login with your personal ID to use this feature. This feature is currently available only in the Android version and the company plans to launch it for iOS users in the near future.

The notes that you add will be displayed on the home page so that you are reminded of the event for that day. Additionally you can view all of your notes from the notes section in the calendar screen. And the best part is the notes will not disappear even if you login from another device using the same ID. Hamro Patro has always strived to excel in providing features that help you organize your daily life and the launch of this feature makes the app more user friendly and a complete organizing partner for your daily events and happenings.

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Hamro Patro - Connecting Nepali Communities
Hamro Patro is one of the first Nepali app to include Nepali Patro, launched in 2010. We started with a Nepali Calendar mobile app to help Nepalese living abroad stay in touch with Nepalese festivals and important dates in Nepali calendar year. Later on, to cater to the people who couldn’t type in Nepali using fonts like Preeti, Ganesh and even Nepali Unicode, we built nepali mobile keyboard called Hamro Nepali keyboard.