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Flashback to 2080 B.S

Years can be identified in bullet points. Those points explain the achievements of the years, the promises, and the troubles of those years.

The year 2080 B.S. can also be closely explained by some points.
This year will be remembered as the year of accidents because, within the year 2080, an extraordinary number of people have been killed in road accidents inside Nepal.
The year of economic recession because, from the beginning of the year 2080 to the end, the cloud of abnormal recession affected the capital market, real estate business, and all kinds of wholesale and retail trade.

This year will be remembered as the year when the stress of bank loans and the burden of business-led small and medium traders reached the point of suicide.Apart from this, many public and personal scandals, such as the Bhutanese refugee scandal, the gold smuggler scandal, the cooperative scandal, etc.

Unprecedented things happened this year
The year 2080 has been established as the year with the highest number of divorces in a single year in Nepal.The year 2080 holds the record for the highest gold price ever.

Nepal's air pollution level is the highest in the world.Probably, the year 2080 can be taken as the year that Nepali people went to fight for or against another country even after the Second World War.The year 2080 also holds the record for the number of people who risked their lives and sacrificed their lives for employment in the Russia-Ukraine war.

So far, the year with the highest number of people who committed suicide, did not return home, and went missing was 2080.The year 2080 will always be remembered in terms of the High Profile’s prison journey in Nepal. However, the process of selecting high profiles based on party influence and purifying them was also introduced in the year 2080.

Apart from this, the year 2080 will also be known as the year when Nepali cricket shined. In previous years, Nepali cricket has made such a leap as it did in the year 2080. This year, the Nepali men's cricket team managed to qualify for the ICC T-20 World Cup and also managed to win the ACC Premier Cup title at home.This is also the year when the Nepalese cricket team got a chance to perform on the Asia Cup stage along with strong Test nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In the same year, the Nepalese men's cricket team also played the ICC One Day World Cup qualifying tournament in Zimbabwe against stronger nations than themselves. The women's cricket team also managed to qualify for the Women's T20 Asia Cup to be held in Sri Lanka soon.

This year will also be remembered as the year when the men's cricket team qualified for the T20 World Cup.In the year 2080, we have already seen the fact that meaningful films have done respectable business in theaters. In film production, it can be assumed that the year 2080 was the year when story, screenplay, and character-driven films started to be advocated.

The year 2080 came with a promising opening
In politics, the year 2080, which came with a very promising opening, ended with a disappointing conclusion. Ravi Lamichhane, who came back to power in the Baisakh by-elections, has been in the news for various reasons throughout the year. ARayamajhi,is, the case of amnesty of Resam Chaudhary and Regal Yograj Dhakal remained in discussion throughout the year.

16 people, including former home minister Balkrishna Khan and Top Bahadur Rayamajhi who were arrested in the case of fake Bhutanese refugees, were sent to jail. By the end of the year, all these high-profile people will have returned home. The case and trial of cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane gained prominence in the year 2080.On the other hand, a corruption case was filed against 290 people in the much-discussed Lalita residence land case. But two former prime ministers, Madhav Nepal and Baburam Bhattarai, who participated in the policy decision-making process, were structurally kept aside and purified.

After former PM Deuba's wife Arju Rana and others were implicated in the fake Bhutanese refugee case, the police and judges involved were forcefully transferred to influence the second phase of the investigation, while the Chaudhary group was arrested regarding the land of the Bansbari leather shoe factory, which had been in the news for some time, but later everything was settled.Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah has been in the limelight throughout the year. The statement that the Singh Durbar would be set on fire, anger over the police checking of the vehicle in which the wife was riding, and many other issues. However, there is still a situation where the residents of Banchare Danda and their issues are unaddressed, waste management commitments are largely unfulfilled, and residents of Mahanagar are yet to experience waste management, development structure, and good governance.

On the other hand, the mayor of Dharan, Hark Sampang, remained in the limelight for his status, tweets, and statements throughout the year. In the month of Bhadra, when some lawless groups slaughtered and ate beef in Dharan, it took the form of a religious war, and the vigilance of the local administration averted a possible incident.The government banned Tiktok in the month of Kartik. One of the biggest corruption scandals in Nepal, Ncell's tax evasion, came to the surface that month. The former prime minister's family was also dragged in the case of tax fraud of 137 billion rupees by saving the shares by valuing the assets of 143 billion rupees at only 6 billion rupees.Medical businessman Durga Prasai continued to dominate social media; his speeches, protests, and accusations sometimes analyzed and entertained the common people. Although the government decided to allow his medical college at the end of the year, in the coming year, his advocacy will remain only in business or he will return to advocacy for good governance, and the monarchy is to be felt.

Many events were suppressed in the year 2080, the year justice died. Sujan Raut of Dailekh and Birendra Shah of Achham lost their lives after being shot by the state during the protest in Lalitpur Balkumari demanding to go to Korea to participate in the EPS exam. Even though the then physical infrastructure and transport minister Prakash Jwala was responsible for the incident, there was a change in cabinet after demanding action against him, but no action was taken.

There was hope that the fate of Nepali people would change with the passing of years but it was not fulfilled. Next year, it is the responsibility of 2081 to make fair decisions on various scandals.

-Suyog Dhakal

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