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Talk Endlessly to your Mother this Mother's Day with HamroPatro's Hamro Recharge

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."
- Cardinal Meymillod

As rightly said above, mothers are guardian angels sent by the almighty to protect us and nurture us from the hardships the world has to offer us and make us into strong individuals. We are in general proud of our achievements, but it's actually the hard work of our mothers who spend sleepless nights making arrangements for what turns into our achievements.

While we think of our exams and the efforts we put in, we never give it a thought that it is equally an exam for our mothers may it be bringing hot cup of milk or coffee, feeding us with their own hands if we are too stressed to eat, giving us confidence, blessing us to excel in all exams, or all those countless efforts our mothers put in so that we achieve the heights we dream of.

When we are overjoyed we may think of anyone but when we are in pain the first word that comes to our lips will always be Maa. Mothers can’t be replaced as no one else can understand the unsaid except for a mother’s heart. Times are challenging and the opportunities we get in life have scattered across borders and we might be living away from our family and mother to achieve our goals, but the slightest splinter of memory takes us back home to the laps of our mothers. I still remember my first night in a hostel, the bed just wouldn't feel comfortable and I longed to be in my mother’s arms. Such is the place of mothers in our life, the most comforting place in the entire universe, one touch and all worries and pain are gone.

This Mother’s Day let's take a moment to make our mothers feel special in these trying times. The times may be difficult but sending out love to your mother can’t be as there is always a way when there is a will. So why think, pick up your phone, send recharge to your mother’s cell phone and talk to her endlessly, shower all the love and share all the experiences, make her feel special with Hamro Recharge from Hamro Patro.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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