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Can developmental activities take place without environmental destruction? (विनास बिनाको विकास)

TEDxJamal with the theme “Explore and Extract” will be covering six thematic areas which includes, Entrepreneurship and life learning's, environment, innovation, movie industry, agriculture and health. Speakers will be sharing their ideas and experiences based on their own area of interest. To present you the powerful idea on Environment and Development, we bring to you Ms. Shristi Singh Shrestha as the speaker of TEDxJamal 2020. The thematic areas to be covered are Environment and Development !

Shristi Singh Shrestha is an animal/ Environment rights activist, exploring and evolving every single day in the journey of leading as harmless life as possible. She believes that any idea or ideology is best transcribed not in words but through action. The action starts with self but then needs to transcend into overall well thought and executed acts on a larger scale. This led her to be an activist about 14 years back. Shristi studied Sociology and Anthropology which gave her different perspectives on how we have evolved as a culture and society. She was involved in different odd jobs from managing a medical college to working at a carbon trading firm, before she realized that her passion for art of dance, Yog and fitness could materialize into something concrete. Thus, she opened Core fitness studio along with two equally passionate women in 2011.

At present, besides running the studio, she is associated as Vice president at Animal Nepal, an organization that works for the welfare of street and working animals through treatments on the ground, rescues along with advocating and lobbying with the Government in policy and law formation. Likewise, she is also a board member at Jane Goodall Institute Nepal which works mainly in wildlife and biodiversity conservation. She has always been an avid follower of our farming methodologies. She co-runs Prithvi agro farms, a pesticide-free initiative which has been in operation for less than a year. Their vision is to create an ethical and sustainable business model that is both profitable and sensitive to the environment.

She realized, while being part of all these ventures, that an initiation was necessary to address the dire situation of our environmental sector. People’s Alliance for Nature- Nepal was started by a group of like-minded individuals who were aware of and concerned for the environmental degradation and catastrophe around the world and specially in Nepal. This alliance comprises of educators, activists, lawyers, campaigners, farmers and so on. PANN works within a framework that incorporates the principle of interdependence and co-existence. With the help of tools like events, rallies, talk programs, children’s theater, documentaries, campaigns and locally led projects, PANN seeks to create a mechanism where people from all sects and backgrounds come together to address and contribute is curbing the dire situation due to human –led interventions against our environment, biodiversity and human health. Shristi believes that all of us are put in this world to fulfill certain purpose and our ultimate mission is to identify and fulfill the purpose before moving to the next realm.

We are the part of environment and we surely are also the part of ongoing rapid development. Ever gave yourself a thought that the development and environment need to be carried on simultaneously? The environment relates to development and vice-versa. But, this requirement is being contra-indicative these days.

TEDxJamal is an independently organized TED event is all set to happen on 21st March 2020 at Hotel Crowne Imperial, Rabibhawan, Kathamndu. The registration for attendees is all set to open. We have two different schemes for attending TEDxJamal. Fully-funded seats and Paid seats are divided into two equal halves i.e. 50 seats will be fully funded and 50 seats will be reserved on ticket purchase. STAY TUNED!!!!

Registration form link : Bit.ly/attendtedxjamal2020 

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