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Surprise Your Love: Top 10 Valentine's Gifts Ideas to Send to Nepal from Abroad

Valentine's Day is just around the corner – a day dedicated to love and affection. Imagine making it extra special by sending thoughtful gifts to your loved ones in Nepal from anywh 1ere in the world! In this modern world, distance should not be the barrier to express your love.

Our e-commerce platform Hamro Gifts helps you send meaningful gifts conveniently. Let’s explore top gift ideas that will make Valentine’s Day truly special for your beloved ones in Nepal.

Rose Bouquet:

Start the day with a classic and timeless symbol of love – a beautiful bunch of red roses. Over time, red roses have become a traditional and widely accepted symbol of love and romance. The act of gifting red roses on Valentine's Day has become a culturally recognized way of conveying romantic feelings and affection.

Customized Chocolates:

Bring joy to your special someone with a box of customized chocolates. Whether they're heart-shaped treats or they carry personalized messages, this sweet gesture adds a unique touch to your gift showing that you know your loved one’s preferences. It shows that you've taken the time to put thought into selecting something just for them, making the gesture even more heartfelt.

Kurthas and Pashmina Shawl:

Add a touch of elegance and consider presenting her with a stylish kurthas and lavish pashmina shawl. These stylish, fashionable and comfortable items make for thoughtful and enduring gifts.

Gadget Gifts:

Sending gadgets to surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day would be a practical and thoughtful way to express your love. Whether it's a new tech gadget or a useful accessory, these items can enhance a partner's daily routine, offering convenience or entertainment. Choosing a gadget that matches their interests or requirements shows that you care about what makes them happy. It's a modern and useful way to show your love, that you want to make their life more enjoyable and efficient.


A carefully chosen perfect fragrance can create a lasting, meaningful and memorable gift. Perfume is a personal and thoughtful gift that shows how well you know the loved one's likes, taste and preferences. Choosing a scent that matches their personality reveals a deep level of intimacy and close connection. Select a perfume that suits your partner's style and personality, make them feel special whenever they put it on.

Handbags / Wallets

Giving handbags or wallets on Valentine’s Day can be a considerate and useful gesture. By selecting this gift, you're showing your concern and that you care for their fashion preferences and everyday requirements. It's a practical and long-lasting way to show your love, as they can carry it wherever they go, reminding them of your thoughtful gift regularly. Moreover, it symbolizes your commitment to making their life a bit more stylish and easier.

Teddy Bear:

Bring joy to your special someone with a classic symbol of love, comfort and coziness – a teddy bear. Choose a soft and cuddly huggable bear in their favorite color. The tradition of gifting teddy bears during Valentine's Week, specifically on Teddy Day (which falls on February 4th), has become popular as a way to express love and affection. These bears are more than just toys; they symbolize warmth, comfort, and a sense of security, making them a perfect representation of love and care.

Combo Set:

Create a stunning combo set by combining a variety of thoughtful gifts. Mix in flowers, chocolates, and a heartfelt note to make a comprehensive expression of your love. Each item in the combo is thoughtfully selected to cater to different aspects of your partner's likes and needs, making it a delightful and comprehensive expression of your affection.

Makeup Kit / Self Grooming kits :

Surprise your partner with a makeup kit or self-grooming items on Valentine's Day, celebrating their individuality and self-care routine. This gesture demonstrates your admiration and encouragement for their unique style and self-expression. Makeup kits provide a fun and creative outlet for enhancing features and experimenting with new looks. On the other hand, self-grooming gifts like skincare or grooming sets express your wish for them to indulge in a bit of self-care. It's a thoughtful way to show you appreciate and support their personal style.


Celebrate your love with a bottle of fine wine. Gifting wine on Valentine's Day is a timeless and romantic gesture that symbolizes celebration and shared moments. Wine has a classic association with special occasions and intimate gatherings, making it a perfect emblem for a day filled with romance. It provides the perfect opportunity for a couple to relax, enjoy each other's company, and create lasting memories together.

This Valentine's Day, let your loved ones back in Nepal feel very very special with our online platform Hamro Gifts. Select from our top gifts to send a message of love, care, and affection. Make this Valentine's Day into a celebration of your unique connection, proving that love knows no bounds.

Click below to see what gift would be perfect for your loved ones.

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