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What is Anxiety Disorder ? Know the symptoms

A middle-aged person is afraid of leaving his home, afraid of travelling alone and afraid of being in a crowd. He develops marked anxiety with palpitations and swelling if he is in these situations. He often avoids public transport to go to his place of work.

Anxiety is a conditioned response to a stimulus originally paired with a feared situation.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorder?
Most patients with anxiety disorders have one or more of the following: A worry that is difficult to control, restlessness, difficulty in concentrating or sleep disturbance.

Are there different kinds of anxiety disorders?
There are at least three broad types.
1. Phobias: Patients tend to, under all circumstances, avoid situations that make them anxious, even though their fear is not rationalized.
2. Panic Disorders: Exposure to a feared situation or an anticipation of it, can make patients have palpitations, rapid breathing, sweating and/or shaking.
3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: Patients have recurrent obsessions and they compulsively act to reduce these obsessions. Like, repeated hand washing for an irrational fear of catching germs.

Do patients know it when they have anxiety issues?
Yes, they do. Almost all patients with anxiety disorder know that their fear is not rational, but they simply cannot control it.

Is Medical Treatment necessary for anxiety?
Most patients with anxiety disorders get over their anxiety by behavioral therapy, conditioning and counseling. Some patients, however, require prescriptions from psychiatrists for severe symptoms.

Yes, with professional counsel and treatment, Anxiety is completely curable.

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