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Empowering Innovation and Impact: HultPrize NCIT's Dual Victories in Business and Social Change

Step into the world of innovation with HultPrize NCIT's remarkable 'Business Model Canvas Workshop' on Jan 4, 2024, at NCIT College, Balkumari. Led by the accomplished Mr. Birat Shrestha, Managing Director at Access Universe Private Limited, this session unfolded the intricacies of BMC, from 'Business Development Plans' to 'Feasibility Analysis.'

Participants engaged in dynamic discussions, gaining clarity and drawing inspiration from Mr. Shrestha's rich experience. Delving into topics like '9 Different Titles of BMC,' the workshop provided not just knowledge but practical insights for future ventures.

The interactive atmosphere fueled post-session reflections, revealing an empowered cohort ready to apply BMC principles to their HultPrize endeavors. This workshop, a beacon of innovation, seamlessly connected theory to real-world application, propelling participants toward impactful business development.

In continuation of this spirit of impact, HULT PRIZE at NCIT took another significant step towards social change. By actively promoting "Good Health and Well-being," one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), HultPrize participants aligned with the Lions and Leo Club of Kathmandu Bhrikuti to organize a blood donation program.

This well-organized event, held at NCIT premises on January 11, 2024, witnessed a substantial turnout of donors who generously contributed. Volunteers from both clubs, as well as HULT PRIZE, played crucial roles in various aspects of the event, including registration, donor handling, food distribution, and certificate distribution.

The back-to-back success of the 'Business Model Canvas Workshop' and the 'Blood Donation Program' highlights HultPrize NCIT's commitment to empowering individuals through innovation and making a positive impact on both business development and social well-being.

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