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Hult Prize at NCIT: Sparking Brilliance in the International Arena!

In a successful conclusion of months of meticulous preparation, the On Campus Hult Prize event took center stage at NCIT on February 1st. With an impressive lineup of 12 sessions, participants were well trained, showcasing their entrepreneurial prowess before a captivated audience. The event emerged as a major success, earning widespread appreciation for its seamless execution and the extraordinary talent on display.

The organizing team orchestrated a remarkable prize pool totaling 5, 00,000, underscoring their commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Hult Prize at NCIT thrived with the support of sponsors like Nabil Bank,Click Consultancy, and Wesionary Team. Programiz and Broadway Infosys elevated the event, and Enchant Wears added style. ImePay and Hamro Pay facilitated seamless transactions, while media partners like Hamro Patro, ICT Frame, PU Trolls, Edusanjal and Gyankhabar Education and Research Media expanded the event's reach.Engineers Vlogs and Success Exam brought unique perspectives. Nosk, Leo Club of Kathmandu Janmabhumi, Cake Waves, and contributors played vital roles.

Hult at NCIT is grateful for their collaboration, making the event a resounding success.Fifteen teams competedfiercely, presenting a diverse range of groundbreaking ideas that spanned therealms of dating apps, cultural ventures, and cutting-edge technology. Each pitch reflected the team' dedication and creativity, making the competition notably close. A distinguished panel of judges,including Birat Shrestha, Prakriti Mainali, Kamal Aryal, and Manjul Bhattarai, had the challenging task of selecting the winners from the pool of exceptional ideas.

The event was not limited to pitches alone, with an array of engaging activities such as musical sessions,quizzes, and on-ground stalls contributing to the vibrant atmosphere. The stalls, featuring exciting games and cake tastings, garnered significant attention, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the day. Beyond the grand prize, participants were rewarded with various perks, including enchanting wears hoodies, cash prizes, programiz vouchers, and discount vouchers from Broadway Infosys, depending on their position. In a thrilling finish, Team AGAVESS claimed the top spot, and title of winners. BSAWARI and YANTRA MUKTA earned the titles of 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively, with each team receiving well-deserved recognition and prizes.

The meticulous efforts of the organizing committee played a pivotal role in the event's success. Fro website development to marketing strategies, the team left no stone unturned, ensuring that Hult Prize at NCIT left a lasting impact on the campus. This year's event succeeded in raising awareness about Hult Prize at NCIT, turning it into a widely recognized and celebrated initiative.

As the dust settles on this memorable event, the Hult Prize at NCIT now sets its sights on the Central and South Asia Regional Summits. With the momentum gained and lessons learned, the journey continues, promising more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship on the horizon. The On Campus team's dedication has not only created an unforgettable experience for participants but has also firmly established Hult Prize as a prominent fixture at NCIT.

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