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TEDxJamal 2020 Speakers Release : Priyanka Karki

TEDxJamal, an independently organized TED event with the theme,"Explore & Extract" aims to bring out the local stories with amazing ideas to the world has released it’s next speaker. TEDxJamal is all set to happen 21st March, 2020 at Hotel Crowne Imperial, Rabibhawan, Kathamndu. To illustrate about changing dynamics of movie industry and its impact on public, TEDxJamal presents to you Ms. Priyanka Karki as a speaker. The thematic area that Ms Karki would be exploring is movie industry.

Movies are somehow part of our life, moon pie which affect our lifestyle, our thinking and our subconscious mind. Hundreds and thousands of movies in each movie industry made on various themes and stories make us live number of lives and stories in just couple of hours. Artist who play various roles in the movie significantly contribute to the industry and maybe, in someway contribute to our lives as well. A right personality can show us the real zeal of the movies and lead our thoughts to a positive path, a path lighted with beauty and prosperity.

Priyanka Karki is a leading face of Nepali movie industry who is known for her versatility and unstoppable nature. Former Miss Teen Priyanka, is also recognized as aspiring singer, VJ, model and dancer. Priyanka Karki began her career as a VJ in Kantipur television in 2005. She has a passion for dancing. She had a deep interest in the movie industry from her childhood. She holds a Bachelor degree in Film making from University of North Alabama. Priyanka made her debut into the Nepalese film industry through “3 Lovers “. Her debut in Kollywood was acclaimed by many people. She has also appeared in many music videos, ads and stage shows. Later, she played the role of a prostitute in Jholay, opposite Dayahang Rai, which crossed over 10 million in box office. She was hugely applauded for her performance. She was launched as a singer in Nepali music industry from her movie Aawaran. In 2015, she was seen in a horror film Mala which was critically acclaimed. Karki’s feature song “Surke Thaili Khai” went on to be the first Nepali song to reach 20 million views on YouTube.

Priyanka always had passion for filmmaking. She made her directorial debut through a web series “Just Another Love Story”. In this web series see has shown that love has no boundaries and every form of love should be respected. Through this series, she aimed to change people’s perspective to a new level. She wants people to understand that one can’t choose who one loves. Also, sexual orientation does not define one’s personality.

Priyanka is confident, someone who lives on her own terms, someone who is consistent and unstoppable. She is quite versatile in her work. Through her films and performances, she has managed to break the existing stereotype that exists in Nepalese movie industry. She has managed to establish herself as one of the most successful actresses of all time. Karki’s performances in Jholay and Nai Na Bhannu La 2 earned her the Online Filmykhabar Award as Best Actress 2017 NEFTA Award for Best Actor in a supporting role, INFA award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and INFA Most Popular Actor. Karki has also managed to represent Nepal on an international platform. She was the first person from Nepali movie industry to grace the red carpet of the Cannes film festival.

Priyanka karki along with Ayushman Deshraj Joshi are the founders of Aayanka Foundation which contributes to the causes of social welfare. Ayanka Foundation works for the welfare of children, health and cleanliness. Ayanka Foundation with the help of Panchakanya Foundation has managed to build female-friendly toilets in three schools based in the Dhanusha districts. Likewise, collaborating with KGH Foundation, they also distributed 50 pieces of reusable sanitary pads.

In TEDxJamal, she will be talking about how the movie industry evolved from where she began to where she is how. Priyanka will also be sharing her journey so far in Kollywood. Movies are one of the reasons for the lifestyle and particular thought of the population. Movie industry creates both negative and positive impacts and the movie industry, if led in a positive way, can bring a lot of positive changes. She will be expressing the impacts of movies in the lifestyle of an individual.

A lady diva who is always an out of the box thinker, one who never fails to amaze the bunch of people with her multi-talent and versatility, strong personality who is never pulled back through any negativity and the legend whose dreams are higher for the industry. Wouldn’t it be amazing to explore this journey of this magnificent lady and be a part of it as she unfolds her journey with us at TEDxJamal? Grab this opportunity and apply now.

Registration form link : Bit.ly/attendtedxjamal2020

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