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TEDxJamal 2020 Speakers Release : Ram Laxman Rimal

TEDxJamal, an independently organized TED event with the theme, "Explore & Extract" is all set to happen 21st March, 2020 at Hotel Crowne Imperial, Rabibhawan, Kathamndu. It will be covering six thematic areas which includes, Entrepreneurship and life learning's, environment, innovation, movie industry, agriculture and health. Presenting you the next speakers of TEDxJamal 2020, Ramlaxman Rimal. Ram Laxman are twin brothers who have two decades of experience of working in the field of localization of technology in Nepal. The thematic areas which shall be covered are: Innovations, Product-based entrepreneurship and Localization of science and technology.

Technology and innovation are the major turnovers of the century. Every move we take on is somehow related to innovation. From individuals' minor steps to the universe's moldings, everything is guarded by science, technology and innovation. The security we are bounded to, the automation that simply replace the need of our continuous memories, the alerts we get as boon during unfortunates, and many more have nonetheless become our everyday dependency, a soothing to our busy life. Let it be the farmer's cherry on top or the policemens' secret power, let it be community's unity in hard times or the unbiased results of significant elections, these identical twin innovators, researchers and scientists have made our hectic life a step closer to easiness, simplicity and safety.

Ram Laxman Rimal are twin innovators who aim to connect community through their innovation. Their innovations are mostly community based. Through their innovation, they aim to foster development of entire country. They are the pioneers in the field of creativity and innovation.
They embarked their journey in the field of innovation at a very young age. They used to observe the manual method which their community people used to husk millet. This method utilized a lot of effort and strength. Hence, they focused on community based innovation where they designed millet husking machine. In 2056, they moved to Kathmandu valley for their higher education. To overcome the economic challenges that could come in their way, they negotiated with the landlords to perform some chores in return of their accommodation. This included water motor operator for automatic switching of water pump.

Trading system in Nepal began to enhance in its own pace. To maintain in-line connection between advancing trade and the security, they designed security alarm system for shops. With centralization and changing occupational scenario, community started losing touch with each other. This brought concern of security. This situation made them design community alarm system in 2060, which is now being used by more than hundred and thousands of households.

Have you ever wondered how are criminals traced by Nepalese police? We might be familiar with the term GPS, but we might be unaware that Ram Laxman were responsible for the launch of GPS tracking system for the first time in Nepal. The launch of this exceptional innovation definitely alerted the criminals existing in the community which helped to foster community security security system. To minimize the frauds, mistakes and foster accuracy and regularity in voting system, these twin brothers managed to design electronic voting system for the first time in Nepal. They have developed electronic voting machine with touch screen panel having all level access even for less literate and visually impaired people.

Natural disasters are inevitable. But if we are warned about the upcoming disaster, we might adapt some measures that can minimize casualty. In 2058 they designed flood warning system that could alarm community about upcoming disaster. In the same way, Nepal witnessed one of the most devastating earthquake of all times in 2072. This made them design earthquake detector and warning system both for private and public use.

These twin innovators are appreciated by many awards for their constant contribution towards community through their innovations. In 2060, they received award from Youth initiative for the design of air pollution controller device. They are proud recipient of Paragon Fellowship 2009/2010. Their work was also applauded with Yuva Pratibha Puraskar from the Ministry of Youth.

In TEDxJamal, they will be sharing their journey and experience in the field of innovation. Entrepreneurship in Nepal is mostly service-based. Ram Laxman will be sharing the importance of product- based entrepreneurship in the context of our country. They view that any problem can have practical solution, we should never stop to explore all the possibilities.

There are numerous innovators who has significant contribution from new elements on chemistry to the life on mars. But have we given a look upon the innovations and innovators who have made our day-to-day life easier? TEDxJamal is giving an amazing platform where journey of these incredible innovations will be shared. So, why would you miss the chance to explore these innovations? Register now a be a part.

Registration form link : Bit.ly/attendtedxjamal2020

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