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TEDxJamal 2020 Speakers Release : Dr. Sushil Kandel

TEDxJamal is an independently organized TED event happening in Hotel Crowne Imperial on 21 March,2020 with the theme Explore and Extract. Speakers from six thematic areas will be sharing ideas and experiences in the form of powerful talk. To make us sensitize and address mental health as important aspect of our life, to state overall situation of mental health in Nepal, to lead us to the better path away from mainstream and to pour out the worthy ideas related to mental health, we present you Dr. Sushil Kandel as the speaker of TEDxJamal 2020. The thematic area to be covered is Mental Health. The state of mind, emotion and thoughts, all comes under the inclusion of health. Health is not just the state of body parts you can see and feel, it is beyond that. Mental health is forbidden yet required issue of concern for all of us as our every path is led by mental health together with physical health. All those times, we create mess inside our head is affecting our health, the times we cry alone and dive into the deepest thought of various issues, they also are the negative part of our health and well-being.

Dr. Sushil Kandel is a licensed psychologist, someone who is positive about every aspect of life. He dreamt to be a great psychologist like William James or Sigmund Freud, who could read people’s mind, in accordance with his dream, he developed a keen interest in studying about human perception. To live his dreams, he started his study in human psychology and today, he holds a PhD degree in perception visualization from Bangkok University. He has specialized in perception visualization of human brain.

Dr. Sushil Kandel has vision for change. He is someone who does teaching, research and writing. His current research is visual autism which will allow to communication with child who finds difficulty in understanding languages. He is just the second person in the world to get a PhD degree in perception visualization which is a glory in itself and has made him closer to his dream. He has managed to spread his valuable learnings in lectures of Amity University, Bangkok University around 35 different Universities around the world. He is currently involved as visiting lecturer in Dehli University, Pune University and Turku University.

Dr. Kandel is currently working as the director of National Program Centre. After the devastating Earthquake in Nepal he felt the need of psychological first aid. So, he started National Program Centre focusing on school children. National Program center has conducted its penetrated work in 33 districts of Nepal. This has managed to minimize children suicidal ratio and early marriage which were found to be major prevalent problems. He is working as mental health specialists in different hospitals around Nepal and India with a determination to help subsidize mental health related problems. Dr. Kandel is also currently working at Hubsekot Gaupalika , Nawalpur as Strategic and Development Planner. Mental health is emerging as a big challenge. Mental health illness is misunderstood by many. Dr. Kandel is working to change the vision of people towards the way mental health is seen as Chief of counseling for Joint Program of center for counselling Gandaki Pradesh Police and Pokhara Mahanagarpalika.

In TEDxJamal, Dr. Sushil Kandel will be illustrating about mental health situation in Nepal. He will also be talking about ways to look foward overall health and development of the country with the parallel way of mental as well as physical health. He will also be also be answering Why holistic concept of health is actually required? Mainstream definition of health which includes physical health should be inclusive of mental health as well. Dr Sushil Kandel will enlighten us about the importance of mental health for overall wellbeing.

Haven't we made the definition of health way too mainstream? For bunch of people out there, health is just the state of physical well-being. If you don't have any pain in your body parts, you're healthy, if your all body parts can function properly, you're healthy, if there's no injury in your body, you're healthy. But what about our state of mind which lies hidden from our naked eyes? To give your curious mind its answer make sure you apply for TEDxJamal 2020. Don’t miss this golden opportunity register now.

Registration form link : Bit.ly/attendtedxjamal2020

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