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Fashion for Peace

Hamro Patro 2016/NY Fashion is an Art! Art has no boundaries! World Fashion Parade is a vision that represents style and fashion with the mission to promote World Peace, Art, Culture, Fashion and Tourism industry worldwide. Our main objective this year will be to bring designers, models, and audiences from around the world and unite them to deliver the universal message of world peace by the virtue of fashion and modeling. The multi-national event, now entering its 2nd Season, will be held on September 25, 2016 at the Historic Gotham Hall in the heart of Manhattan, NY.

After one week of the New York Fashion Week, World Fashion Parade presents the latest collection by exceptional designers from around the world, world-class entertainment, chic after parties, world media, high-end buyers and much more. Together with the message of World Peace, World Fashion Parade is also contributing towards promoting Nepal and its constituencies.

We are partnering with the Honorary Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism Board and are thrilled to include dazzling showcases of Art, Culture, Fashion and Tourism activities from Nepal. As Nepal recovers from the recent devastating earthquake, it is vital to reassure the potential travel and business partners that the country is absolutely safe and Nepal is welcoming visitors with open arms. With its diverse and historic cultural heritage, prime destination for adventurers and thrill seekers, one of the world’s best food culture, and with its magnificent beauty, Nepal has to be on top of you travel bucket-list. The Nepal showcase at World Fashion Parade will also include around a dozen prominent companies showcasing our famous handcrafted goods and other items from Nepal.

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