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Profiles of 12th Miss Newa 1137 Contestants

Contestant No.:- 1

Name:- Krijana Dangol
Address:- Lokanthali, Bhaktapur
"I participated in this platform to build my confidence, develop my personality, learn new skills, know more about Newar culture, to face the mass and be part of it."

Contestant No.:- 2

Name:- Sneha Maharjan
Address:- Bagbazaar

"I came to Miss Newa 1137 pageant to earn the prestigious crown of Miss Newa 1137 and be extraordinary girl from ordinary girl."

Contestant No.:- 3

Name:- Aakriti Maharjan
Address:- Janabahal

"I am here to build up my confidence and to learn more about Newar culture and tradition."

Contestant No.:- 4

Name:- Binita Dangol
Address:- Kalanki

"I am here in Miss Newa because I am really passionate about it, also my friend and family encouraged me to participate. Through Miss Newa I saw many improvements in my friend. It was my dream to participate and learn new things from Miss Newa." 

Contestant No.:- 5

Name:- Merina Manandhar
Address:- Dallu

"I am more willing to help our Newar society to preserve our culture, language, script, and I feel that Miss Newa will be very helpful for this important step I want to take."

Contestant No.:- 6

Name:- Ganga Deula
Address:- Dhalko

"I participated in Miss Newa because I want to develop my confidence and learn new skills."

Contestant No.:- 7

Name:- Omijeena Maharjan
Address:- Kisipidee, Kipulcha

"I'm here in Miss Newa because it's my identity and also the platform where I can explore my hidden talent. As it is based on our Newar culture and tradition, I can learn more and more about it and also encourage our Newar society to promote and preserve our cultural values."

Contestant No.:- 8

Name:- Sneha Pujari
Address:- Tyagal

"The reason behind grabbing the opportunity is for developing my confidence. learning new skills and help in social work and be part of it."

Contestant No.:- 9

Name:- Sheela Prajapati
Address:- Chyamasingh, Bhaktapur

"I participated in Miss Newa 1137 to increase my confidence level, improve my communication skills and be a better person in the society."

Contestant No.:- 10

Name:- Salina Shrestha
Address:- Maitidevi

"As a free bird flying in the sky, I also have a dream to fly freely in the sky as a bird to reestablish those Newar language, culture, food, dress, and so on and for this I’m taking my steps ahead and making promise to continue this steps for life time I have chosen the platform of Miss Newa."

Contestant No.:- 11

Name:- Pratishara Napit
Address:- Thimi, Bhaktapur

"I’m here to learn more about Newar culture."

Contestant No.:- 12

Name:-Sreeju Maharjan
Address:- Gurjudhara, Kisipidee

"For me, Miss Newa is not just a beauty pageant; it’s the platform to boost up Newa culture and tradition. I am here not just to be a model I’m here to promote and enhance my culture, to inspire people about the importance of my culture."

Contestant No.:- 13

Name:-Sabeena Khadgi
Address:- Dakshindhoka

"I’m here in Miss Newa 1137 to know more about Newar culture and be more confident."

Contestant No.:- 14

Name:- Romani Maharjan
Address:- Chamati Phant

"As Miss Newa is related to fashion and culture, I can fulfill my dream on becoming fashion designer that’s why I am here." 

Contestant No.:- 15

Name:- Suman Shrestha
Address:- Biratnagar, Morang

"I participated in Miss Newa 1137 to know more about my culture, tradition and language and also to build up my confidence as well as speaking capacity in front of mass".

Contestant No.:- 16

Name:- Roj Maharjan
Address:- Khusibu

"I have come here to gain my confidence to face the world. I came here to promote my culture, tradition and language."

Contestant No.:- 17

Name:- Muna Maharjan K.C
Address:- Khauma, Bhaktapur

"I am here to learn more Newar language as well as to build my confidence."

Contestant No.:- 18

Name:- Palpasa Shrestha
Address:- Basundhara

"I participated in Miss Newa 1137 to improve some of the talents I have managed to acquire in my life’s journey and to enhance knowledge about culture. I am here to gain lifetime experience."  

Contestant No.:- 19

Name:- Shristi Khadgi
Address:- Teku

"I participated in Miss Newa to preserve our Newar culture which is now in the influence of western culture."

Contestant No.:- 20

Name:- Pramila Shrestha
Address:- Nepaltar

"I am here to know more about my culture, language and to gain confidence."

Contestant No.:- 21

Name:- Rosna Shrestha
Address:- Samakhusi

"I participated in Miss Newa 1137 to enhance and develop my personality as well as to learn about my culture, language and many more so that I would be able to speak and explain about my culture, traditions, history to others."

Contestant No.:- 22

Name:- Ojaswi Shrestha
Address:- Ratopul

"Growing up in a nuclear family I never had an opportunity to know and embrace my culture, participating in Miss Newa gives me that platform to be closer to my culture."

Contestant No.:- 23

Name:- Ishu Shrestha

"Miss Newa being a cultural talent show and not an ordinary beauty pageant had always enticed me. I participated here because I wanted to learn more about Newar culture, tradition, language and script. And only then I’ll be able to show others how rich and diverse newar culture is".

Contestant No.:- 24

Name:- Samita Shrestha
Address:- Dhapasi, Tokha

"I participated in Miss Newa to win the Crown of Miss Newa 1137 and to develop my personality to gain experiences and to explore my beauty." 

Contestant No.:- 25

Name:-Monima Khadgi
Address:- Nayabazar

"I am here to explore more knowledge about my culture, language, tradition and to build up my confidence level."

Contestant No.:- 26

Name:- Lenina Bajracharya
Address:- Lalitpur, Patan

"I am here to get more knowledge about our culture, tradition and to build more confident."

Contestant No.:- 27

Name:- Aangya Karanjit
Address:- Chyasal, Lalitpur

"I participated in Miss Newa because I want to know more about my culture."

Contestant No.:- 28

Name:- Junu Twayana
Address:- Mahakalisthan

"As I am on enthusiastic girl, I am always seeking for these kind of cultural talent shows and by gaining new skills, I could be able to do social welfare."

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