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Bata sabitri Vrata । Shani Jayanti Vrata

Bata sabitri Vrata Special Audio

Bata Sabitri Vrata
It is customary to take Bat sabitri fast on the no moon day of Jestha month. The relevance of this day resembles the pure and divine love story of Sabitri and Satyavan. This story is based on the love story of Sabitri and Satyavan. Sabitri, the daughter of King Ashwapati, chose Satyavan, the son of Dumatsen, Satyavan, and Dumatsen, his blind father was living in the forest.

Love story of Sabitri and Satyavan
Sabitri, who was in selfless love with Satyavan, gave up all the pleasures of her palace and started living in the forest. Once, Satyavan was injured when he fell on a tree while chopping firewood, later Sabitri realized that her husband was injured till death, and "Yama" the god of death arrived there to take the soul ofSatyaban. Expressing the effect of her selfless love, Sabitri sends Yamaraj back and saved her husband from dying because of her dedication and purity of affection towards her husband. Hopefully one day a writer will translate the dialogue between Yamaraj and Sabitri into words. Like Kalidasa's Meghdoot, this work will also be loved till eternity.

The parable of selfless love of this Sabitri is remembered as Bat Sabitri Vrata every year on the first day of the month. It is customary for married women to fast these days and for men to thank their wives for their affection.

Best wishes of this vrat.

Shani Jayanti

जय शनिदेव
ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नम:, ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनैश्चराय नम:, ॐ भानुपुत्राय नम:, ॐ क्रूराय नम:, ॐ धनदाय नम:

Jay Shanideb
The day of Jyastha Krishna Aunshi is celebrated as Shani Jayanti. It is believed that by worshiping and adoring Saturn on this day, the planetary evil effects and bad fruits of the whole Saturn will be destroyed and the desired good fruit will be obtained.

About Shani/ Lord Saturn
Lord Saturn is the son of the sun and shadow. Saturn is considered to be the farthest planet in the Solar System and the second largest after Jupiter. Saturn is high in Libra and low in Aries. Saturn's full vision is in the third, seventh, and tenth place in the horoscope. Mercury and Venus are friends of Saturn, Jupiter is equal and Sun, Moon, and Mars are enemies.

According to the Brahma Purana, Shani was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu from an early age. He later married Gandharva's daughter, Chitrarath. His wife was very religious and virtuous. Once upon a time, Shani'swife wished to make love with her husband, but Shanidev was deep in the meditation of Lord Vishnu at that time. The lustful wife had to wait a long time. And in a fit of rage, his wife cursed her husband, and later she repented. Shani was not able to resist his wife's curse. His wife was an ascetic and a pure devotee too. Then the story is told that suppressed Shani started walking with his head bowed so that no one could see him.

What to do in Shani Jayanti ?
Donating these items to the needy (Iron, sapphire, sesame oil, glass, sesame, cereals, and black colored items) is considered very auspicious today, as Lord Shani is the god of those items.

Watering plants, planting them, and spending some time underneath any tree is considered very auspicious, if possible people are also inspired to take out some time from their busy schedule, and mediate. Lord Shani is known for his big heart and love, may he always bless.

-Suyog Dhakal

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