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Mangal Chauthi Vrata । Bhumi Pooja

Mangal Chauthi
In Hindu rites, people worship and remember Lord Ganesha before starting any work so that there is no hindrance. It is customary to worship Lord Ganesha as a benevolent deity.

विघ्नेश्वराय वरदाय सुरप्रियाय, लम्बोदराय सकलाय जगद्विताय
नागाननाय श्रुतियज्ञविभुषिताय, गौरीसुताय गणनाथ नमो नमस्ते

Salutations to Vighnesvara (who eliminates my afflictions and hurdles), the giver of boons, beloved of the gods, tall, full of arts, benefactor of the world, with the mouth of an elephant, and beautified by the Vedas, the son of Parvati. O Gananath, greetings to you.

Relation of Tuesday, Chaturthi and Lord Ganesha

Today, Tuesday is also considered as the day of Lord Ganesha.
Since the birth date of Lord Ganesha falls on Chaturthi, it is customary to celebrate this day as Mangal Chauthi with special worship. Those who fast for Lord Ganesha on Tuesday start fasting from today.

Lord Ganesha is known as the deity who bestows auspicious fruits. If you are up to commencing any new work, then today is considered very auspicious. May all be well on this auspicious day.

Worship Methodology of Mangal Chauthi
Greetings to Vighneshwar, the giver of gifts, beloved of the gods, lambodar, full of arts, benefactor of the world, elephant-like face and adorned with Vedas and sacrifices, O Gananath, greetings to you.

Those who worship, recite, fast, narrate and adore Ganesha on this day with Riddhi Siddhi will get wealth, son, spouse, the good fortune of Mars and peace of mind and will get rid of all kinds of sorrows (suffering and disruption, etc.)

Worship materials should be prepared including paddy, rice, barley, sesame, kush, duna, tapari, panchamrit, avir, saffron, vermilion, red akshata, coconut, fruit, dish, incense, lamp, camphor, red flower, garland and preparing laddu, dubo etc can also be done. Turn east, north or west, sit in pure asana, lighting and invoking the lamp is done after.

Then with barley, sesame, water, flower, kush or dubo and drabya in the right hand, the Sankalpa i.e. place and time should be pronounced, the name of one's family and relatives should be pronounced with one's gotra, and the sankalpa should be taken with a sense of sakam or nishkam. Indeed, there is no rocket science to worship lord Ganesha, a pure heart and an unquestionable devotion are the key integrals, remember with compassion, Lord Ganesha will never disappoint you.

In this way, Ganesha will be pleased with the worship done with reverence and devotion and will surely fulfill the desires of the devotees. Astu

Bhumi Puja
Before starting planting in Asar, it is customary to worship the soil in Panchatatva form.The famous festival of the Magar community is celebrated with great pomp in the districts of Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Palpa, Dailekh, Jajarkot etc. and in all the districts of Rapti zone including Dang. The Magar community of Rukum reached the lake in their traditional attire and returned with the flower from high lands after worshiping the forest deity. Besides this, all the districts of Nepal have their own tradition of worshiping the land. There is a history of celebrating this festival since the ancestors cleared the forest and started farming.

Bhumi Puja is associated with agriculture and clouds
Bhumi pujan ceremonies officially start from the last day of Jestha. Bhume Puja is associated with agriculture and clouds. On the last day of Jeshta, flowers are picked from the highlands of mountains and Bhume Puja is started in lower lands. It is believed that there will be no shortage of rain after worshiping the high land where the clouds are.

Draught of 2081 B.S
This year, there has been a very hot summer and drought all over Nepal, which means that the importance of Bhume Puja has increased even more in this situation where many other rituals have been performed since the wedding of frogs and many others alike. To avoid natural calamities such as floods, landslides and storms and to pray for good farming, Bhumi Mata is worshiped and celebrated with great enthusiasm for about a week, and at that time a small fair is held in every village of Nepal.

How is Bhumi puja done?
Whether there is any construction or agricultural work on the land, the land should be worshiped after testing and cleaning it. It is customary to worship Ganesha in the soil for the initiation and smooth completion of any work. In Sanatan Darshan, the land is considered to be the same as Gaurup (Holy cow), therefore, the land is worshiped with the idol of Lord Ganapati, as well as Ishtadev and Kuldevata.

-Suyog Dhakal

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