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Nepal Pride Parade

Month of pride : June
The month of June is celebrated as Gaurav Month (Pride Month) worldwide. This month was declared Pride Month commemorating the Stonewall uprising in the 60s of the 20th century. During this month, various programs are held around the world related to marginalized sexual orientation, gender identity, and people with different sexual characteristics/ orientations.

A festival celebrated on the occasion of this month is the Gaurav Yatra (Pride Parade). This is a celebratory rally. In our society, the existence and identity of people with marginalized sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual characteristics are considered as a matter of shame.Since society shames in this way, the word pride has started to be used as a message that one's identity is not a matter of shame.For the past 5 years, Nepal also celebrated the Nepal Gaurav Yatra, a Nepal pride rally.

What Happens Today?
According to the plan of the program, from 11 am to 12 pm, gathering at Shanti Batika in front of Ratnapark. The rally will start at noon. The rally will take a right turn and go to Bhatahiti after leaving Shanti Batika. From there on the right, in front of Modi Darbar High School, you will reach the intersection with Jamal Sky Bridge.From there, turn right and proceed towards Durbarmarg from in front of Vishwajyoti Hall. The rally will end at Lagi Narayan Chowr from Durbar Marg through Nagpokhari Road towards Naxal. An entertainment program will be held at Narayan Chowk from 1 pm to 4 pm. There will be performances of various nature including singing, dancing, and poetry recitation.

Meaningful wishes on this day.

-Suyog Dhakal

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