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Ropai Jatra

Ropai Jatra Special Audio

Background of Ropai Jatra
In our agricultural country, monsoon is of great importance every year. In some places, there was enough rain and in some places, the challenges of planting increased due to lack of rain. But, somewhere slow, somewhere fast, somewhere easy, somewhere facing many difficulties, paddy is being planted. On the occasion of the completion of "Ropai", the biggest festival of the farmers of our agricultural country, "Ropai Jatra" is celebrated in different parts of the country today.

Especially the Newa: Ropainjatra started by the community has become a celebration for everyone across the country. In Nepali, "Ropai Jatra" is called "Sinajya Jatra".

Celabration of Ropai Jatra
Celebrated all over the country to forget the fatigue and stress of transplanting, this festival is celebrated in different ways in different places. In the Karnali region, this procession is called "Chopai". In the local language, "chopai" means "chopnu" or dipping something into water. Today, the people of all the cities and villages are playing various instruments in their villages and dancing for planting paddy. Farmers gather and play the instruments, sing and dance the songs of sowing and reach the paddy field to have fun.

Today, there is a belief in many places that the real owner of a paddy field should be thrown in the mud of his field, this is a humorous belief which makes the owner close with his soil and roots. Special wishes to all the brothers and sisters of this agricultural country. May the joy of today increase in the years to come.

Suyog Dhakal

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