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From Awareness to Action: Empowering Change for Our Earth

Our earth where we live is amazing and has many different and incredible environments. Unfortunately, people haven't always been kind to our planet, we have not always treated our planet with the respect and care that it deserves. We've done things like polluting the air and water, cutting down too many trees and causing animals and plants to disappear, all because we want economic gain and industrial progress.

It is now that we need to take a step back and reflect on how our actions are affecting the environment and what we can do to protect it for the future. We can’t take it for granted and assume that everything will always be okay. The environment is a fragile and connected system, and anything we do to harm it can have really big effects and far-reaching consequences.

Taking care of the environment isn't just the right thing to do, it also helps us economically and socially. The environment provides us with essential resources such as clean air and water, food, and things we need for our homes and clothes. It also provides us with natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the potential for scientific discovery and innovation. If we take care of the environment now, we can make sure that all these good things are still around for people in the future.

So, what can we do to conserve the environment?
There are many things we can do to help the environment. Some of these things we can do by ourselves and others we can do collectively for bigger impacts.

One important thing we can do is use energy resources that don't hurt the environment. That is we can reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives. We can also support conservation efforts by donating to organizations that protect endangered species and ecosystems, volunteering for cleanup projects, and advocating for policies that promote environmental conservation.

Protecting the environment isn't just about what we do ourselves and our individual choices. We also need to change the big systems that run our economy and our government. Instead of only thinking about making money right now, we need to think about what will be good for the environment in the future. We need to shift away from short-term profit-driven models and embrace long-term sustainability goals. This means investing in renewable energy, prioritizing conservation in land-use planning, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful practices.

To sum up, we need to work together to protect the environment right away, as it is a critical and urgent task. We all need to do our part and make changes to how we live to make sure we take care of the environment. If we do this, we can make sure that the world stays a great place for all kinds of living things, and that people in the future can enjoy how amazing the nature is.

Anil Nepal

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