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All New Hamro Patro

We had been working real hard since last couple of months to bring out the best version of Hamro Patro ever. Our goal for this update is not only to make a great looking app but also to include the features by incorporating the suggestions and feedback received from our valued users. Hamro Patro is now more elegant, more user friendly and also works great on slow internet connection. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our biggest update is now available in Play Store. We believe that you will love our new update and will continue to provide suggestions and feedback to further enhance our app in the days ahead to come.

नेपालीमा पढनुहोस् -  हाम्रो पात्रो नयाँ डिजाइनमा

1. New Design

We have completely revamped our UI based on material design guideline to make it look more elegant and vibrant. With its alluring looks and fine design, Hamro Patro is now more fun to use. We have updated the side navigation menu to make it more cleaner and organized. The new navigation menu shows the hero image at the top which changes based on the theme of the festivals and special occasions. The profile image of the currently logged in user is yet another exciting part of the new update.


2. Smart feed in home screen

We have come a long way since the inception of Hamro Patro. We have been continuously working on our app to make it more interactive by adding various features time and again. Currently, Hamro Patro has more than 15 features and we understand that checking out all these features takes time. We have therefore brought all these information to the home screen as a feed of information card to help our users get most out of Hamro Patro in a very convenient way. Now using the various feature is at your ease. You can now simply open our app and scroll in the home screen to see the forex rates, commodity prices, loadshedding schedule, horoscope, weather and lot more just at a glance. The app shows the relevant cards based on date, time and the location of the user. For example, the app will show the horoscope card only in the morning as most of the user check the horoscope during the morning time. Likewise, “Quote of the day” card will be shown only in the morning. The app will show the news card and radio card at the top in the evening time. The app will be updated to learn the usages pattern and show the card based on the user behaviour over the time. Currently, we have 10 different information cards, please do let us know what card you want to see in the future updates.



3. Festivals and event details

You were only able to see what event is on what date in the past. But now onwards, you can get the detailed information on the important events and festivals. For example, if you want to learn more about “Yuba Diwas”, just click on the event and the app will show the complete information about it.


4. Quote of the day

There is no better way to start a day than reading a motivational or an inspiring quote that keeps you moving all day long. Every morning, you can read a unique motivational quote from a famous personality. For example: ” त्यही व्यक्ति धार्मिक हो जसले अर्काको निम्ती त्याग गर्न सक्छ ।”--भगवान बुद्ध


5. Weather

Weather is one of the most requested feature to be added in our app. We have therefore added this feature to ease the weather queries of our users. With this feature you can now view the current temperature and 7 day weather forecast of more than 15000 cities of the world. It is available in both English and Nepali languages. We translated weather conditions, country name and over 5000 names of the cities in Nepali to support weather feature in Nepali language.

6. Articles/Blog

This is a newly added feature where we can publish variety of contents to our users. The content may be emergency contact numbers, mantra and rituals, subha sahit and many more. We have already published Subha Sahit, emergency contact numbers and our own blogs.

7. Five times less data

We have drastically improved our image loading technique to improve load time and to save bandwidth. In our previous version, all devices used to load the particular image from the server. If a device has lower resolution screen there is no point in loading the higher resolution image. This would not only waste precious data but also increases load time. We have therefore highly optimized the image delivery mechanism to tackle the resolution issues. The app will now load the images based on the screen resolution of the devices. Images are now served in WebP format that has significantly reduced size compared to JPEG Images. The image loading will now be much more faster as we are using CDN with servers around the world.

We have used this new technology to show thumbnail images in our news list. Now, all the thumbnails will be resized in the server and delivered to the devices in WebP format. With this mechanism, the data usages will be reduced by 5 times in the news list and the images will load much faster.

8. More Ways to read news

In our previous version, we had single feed of news. But from this release, you can read the news of your favourite news portal in a very convenient way. Just click on the news source and read all the news from that particular site. You will also have privilege to subscribe to receive the breaking news as it happens. Once user opt-in, we will send 2-3 breaking news in a day.

9. Offline news support

Not having an internet connection is now not a problem. You can read the previously loaded news when there is no internet connection. The previously loaded news are stored in cache and will be served even when there is no internet connectivity.

10. News and Time Widget

The overwhelming demand from our users inspired us to add time and date notification in our app. You will see the date, time and weather in the notification. The 1x4 time widget also got fresh new UI with the weather information. In this release, we have added news widget that shows the latest news with images and news title.


Last but not the least, we would like to thank all our developers, designers, beta testers, volunteers, content writers, photographers and above all our app user for making this update a grand success. It would not have been possible for us to come up with the new design and update without the support of our valued users and developers. We would highly appreciate your constant feedback and suggestions to further upgrade our app by adding more features in future. Please do refer our app to your friends, relatives and communities and enjoy the benefit of most popular Nepali app.

Thank you!
Shankar Uprety
Hamro Patro

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