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ब्लग - साहित्य / चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष सामग्रीहरू

Dhan Trayodashi Brata (Dhanteras)/Pradosh Vrata/World Science Day For Peace And Development

Yamapanchak has started from today
Another important festival of Nepalis, Tihar, which is coming soon after Bada Dashain, has come to everyone's doorstep. Yamapanchak has started from today. Every day of Yamapanchaka has its own religious beliefs. Today Dhan Triodashi i.e. Dhanteras. Today is especially good for Diwali shopping. There is a belief that if we worship Lakshmi with the materials we have bought today, Mother Lakshmi will be happy and make us rich.

Many people keep a day long fast on the day of Dhantrayodashi. The day long fast is broken after doing Lakshmi-Kubera Puja in the evening.

If you are buying utensils on the occasion of Dhanteras, it is considered auspicious to buy any item of steel, copper, brass etc. Buying gold as much as possible will be extremely beneficial. Goods bought on the day of Dhanteras should be kept in the east-north direction (northeast corner) of the house.

It is not considered good to give the purchased goods as a gift to others. So keep it to yourself. By doing this, Kuberji will also be happy to be sitting in your house. Note that you should not buy any black item on Dhan Triodashi.Since the celebration of Lakshmi starts from today, it is considered important to worship Mother Lakshmi even today. Happy Dhanteras to all Nepalis.

Pradosh Vrat

Triodashi is called Pradosh. Like Ekadashi, Pradosh is important every month, Vishnu is remembered in Ekadashi and Shiva is remembered in Pradosh. Pradosh begins 45 minutes before sunset and ends 45 minutes after sunset. Because of the Pradosh Tithi on Saturday (ShaniBar), today is "Shani Pradosh Vrat.

Pradosha Katha
It is mentioned in the scriptures that Lord Shiva cured the disease of the moon on the day of Triodashi, when the effect of the moon was diminishing.

Due to this, Pradosh Vrat is observed in Triodashi of every month in remembrance of Lord Shiva. It is more fruitful to worship Shiva in the time of pradosh.

World Science Day for peace and development

Every year on November 10, World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated around the world. The United Nations has started celebrating this day to understand the important role of science in society and how it affects its importance and relevance in our daily lives by engaging the general public in debates on emerging scientific issues.

To keep the citizens of today's society informed about the progress of science, the United Nations wants to move forward by keeping the society as close as possible to science. Today also explains the remarkable contributions that scientists make to the community for the benefit of our society.

Besides, the objectives of World Science Day for Peace and Development are to promote national and international solidarity for science among nations, renew national and international commitments to use science for the benefit of society, draw attention to the challenges faced by science and mobilize national and international support for scientific endeavors. Since its inception by UNESCO in 2001, many scientific projects and programs have been successful, with many countries around the world providing financial support at the initiative of UNESCO. One of the objectives of the day is to coordinate the work of war-affected nation's scientists with other scientific organizations in the world.

Theme 2023: 
“Building Trust in Science.”

In this scientific age in which we are born, the contribution of science to peace and development will be incomparable. Good luck to everyone on this day.

-Suyog Dhakal

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