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International Mother Language Day । Pradosh Vrata

International Mother Language day


21st of February is an international mother tongue day, this day is an initiative of Bangladesh. Since 2000, this day is being organized and observed across the globe. A sustainable society can only be created when the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity is acknowledged, this is the day of celebrating linguistic diversity.

The world is making significant progress in mother tongue-based multilingual education with a growing understanding of its importance, mainly in early schooling, higher curriculum and media contents. Traditional practices and cultures are only preserved and transmitted through the mother tongue and also can promote peaceful dialogues. Languages depict identification, communication, social integrity, education, development and other several aspects of people and planet. Due to the globalization process, several mother languages are on the verge of being extinct, they are increasingly under threat and disappearing altogether. Let's join our hands to promote and preserve cultural and linguistic diversity and multilingualism.

Global language statistics
This globe is expressed in 6000 different ways through 6000 different languages but almost 43% of these languages are on the verge of extinction. Only a few hundred languages are integrated into educational curriculums and the public domains, less than a hundred languages are only placed in digital platforms. Language plays a vital role in preserving and promoting our tangible and intangible heritages, social peace and harmony are based on expression and language. Nepal is a country of diversity with over 123 languages spoken in Nepal. These languages are originated mainly from Indo-Aryan and Sino Tibetan sources, Nepali languages have recently been featured in Google translator and the Unicode form of Nepali scripts are widely accepted in digital platforms. Today we can post our status and write news in our own mother tongue (Nepali) however, there are several other languages in Nepal which must be preserved and promoted.
Languages in Nepal

The number of languages ​​spoken in Nepal has reached 131. According to the report of the Language Commission, the number of languages ​​spoken in Nepal has reached 131 with the addition of two more languages ​​in 2076 and 77. Currently, the newly added languages ​​are Marek Yakkha and Nava Sherpa.

Earlier, according to the study report of Language Commission 2075-76, 6 languages ​​were added. Rana Tharu (Kanchanpur), Nar Phu (Manang), Chum Syar ( Gorkha), Pyke (Dolpa), Serake Sek (Mustang), Nubri, Larke and 6 languages ​​were added.

Theme 2024
The theme of International Mother Language Day celebration 2024 is “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning”. Today, 250 million children and young people still do not attend school and 763 million adults do not master basic literacy skills.

Utmost wishes on International Mother Tongue Day.

Pradosh Vrata
Triodashi is called Pradosh. Like Ekadashi, Pradosh is important every month, Vishnu is remembered in Ekadashi and Shiva is remembered in Pradosh. Pradosh begins 45 minutes before sunset and ends 45 minutes after sunset.

Pradosh  Katha
It is mentioned in the scriptures that Lord Shiva cured the disease of the moon on the day of Triodashi, when the effect of the moon was diminishing.

Due to this, Pradosh Vrat is observed in Triodashi of every month in remembrance of Lord Shiva. It is more fruitful to worship Shiva in the time of pradosh.

-Suyog Dhakal

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