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Araniko Smriti Day

Araniko Smriti Day, Let's remember Araniko with pride.
The memorial day of the great artist Araniko is celebrated with special importance in both Nepal and China. This tradition is celebrated every year on 23rd Poush since 2058 B.S. The tradition of celebrating the memorial day of the great artist Araniko has been given official recognition under the leadership of the Nepal Commercial Artists Association.

Lifespan of Araniko
Araniko was famous for Buddhist architecture and went to Tibet and then China at an early age. Some have mentioned that he was born in Patan (Lalitpur) during the reign of King Abhay Malla. It is said to be in 1245 and 1244. He died in 1306. There is a fact that Araniko reached Tibet leading 80 Vastu artists during the reign of King Jai Bhimdev Malla.
Araniko was proficient in constructing pagoda-style temples. The White Chaitya built by him is a centre of attraction for tourists in Beijing, China. Araniko has done the work of spreading metal art in China and Tibet through leading Nepali architecture and Nepali artists.
That's why the discussion and influence of Arniko are the same in China as in Nepal.

Statue of Araniko in China
At the initiative of the Araniko Society in China, a full-sized statue of Araniko has been constructed and placed in China. The statue installed in the famous White Chaitya complex built by the great artist Araniko shows that the world community, including China, is grateful to Araniko.
The White Chaitya located in Beijing is also considered a symbol of Nepal-China friendship. The White Chaitya made by Araniko is considered an important heritage site in China. It is estimated that millions of tourists visit this statue every year. The statue was designed by Nepalese artist KK Karmacharya and was built by sculptor Om Khatri under his direction. The statue was unveiled in the year 2059 B.S.

Rastriya Bibhuti Araniko
In the year 2024 B.S, 13 personalities who worked to increase the pride of Nepal were announced as national heroes. According to the same announcement, the artist Araniko was awarded the honour of National Heritage. So far only he has been recognized as a national artist. Since then, a postage stamp (full-length figure) has been published in Araniko's memory.

Remembering Araniko with pride.

-Suyog Dhakal

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