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ब्लग - साहित्य / चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष सामग्रीहरू

Brish Sankranti ।Ganga Saptami Vrata

Bris Sakranti
The first day of the month is called "Sakranti". there are 12 Sakrantis in every year and these Sakrantis are very important for auspicious religious works and Puja.

What is Brish Sakranti ?
The sun is entering Taurus from Aries today, this day is also called Taurus Sakranti, Vrisava Sakranti, and Brish Sakranti. On this day, it is customary to bathe in the river or the lake, although in recent years and in places where the river is not available, it is customary to bathe in the house by chanting the mantra of Ganga and performing holy worship. It is customary to go to the nearby Vishnu temple, worship, and recite Vishnu Sahasranama. On this day, special results are obtained by offering Pitri Tarpans. Today, Kagweni, Gokarna, Vishnupaduka, Varahakshetra, Gaya of India, Kashi, and other places have special pilgrimages.

Ganga Saptami Vrata


Importance of the Ganga
The river Ganga is considered to be the center of Hinduism. The importance of the Ganges is described in many scriptures, Mahabharata epic cites mother Ganga as a vital character of the sequence. Lord Shiva carries this holy river in his head and a Hindu circle of spiritual life is largely incomplete without visiting, worshiping, and taking a dip in this river.

Ganga Saptami and relevance
The existence of holiness has been an emotional belief of all Hindus in Mother Ganga. Ganga Saptami is also celebrated as Ganga Jayanti in many places. Various statements about the origin of the Ganges are found in the Vedic Sanatan rites.

Today, the day of Baisakh Shukla Saptami is considered to be the date of the rebirth of Ganga. Today, it has been believed that all the sins of the people who take a dip in the Ganges will be removed and they will be saved. Today, if one is unable to bathe in the Ganges, it is believed that one can attain virtue by bathing in the water of the Ganges at home. Let me add a fact here, every Sanatana Hindu philosophy follower (no matter wherever they are on the planet) keeps some Ganga water at home in a bottle to use during holy and auspicious occasions. Birth, death, mourning, and all sorts of rituals are incomplete without the Avisekh of Ganga Jal in Sanatan philosophy. Today, special Ganga temples are worshiped with reverence. People observe a holy fast on this day.

There is life in Ganga, and there is Ganga in life. Today is a meaningful day, utmost wishes of Gangasaptami.

-Suyog Dhakal

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