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Gyalpo Lhosar

Gyalpo Lhosar Special Audio

Gyalpo Lhosar 2024: Welcome to the year of the male wood dragon.

Tashi Delek
A very happy Gyalpo Lhosar to all of us, Tashi Delek. Nepal is a unification of several diversities, these diversities are not adversities but an identity of a common platform of nationality, Nepali. Losar exhibits the rare culture of Tibetan and the values of Buddhism to the world, among three Lhosars celebrated in Nepal, Gyalpo Lhosar is the auspicious celebration of Tibetan New Year. Tibet and other neighboring nations prepare for this day in their own way, Lo means year and Shar means new so jointly it forms a New Year.

Food and beverages in Gyalpo lhosar
Gyalmo Lhosar celebration lasts for almost a couple of weeks: however, the first three days are very important. "Chang" a homemade beverage, also known as Tibetan version of the beer is served on the first day. The second day is the main day and the third day is the day for the feast. "Khapse" fried twists are very popular in this Lhosar, Khapse gives a taste of Gyalpo Lhosar which is wrapped in love, nostalgia and compassion.

Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Tudikhel and various monasteries are filled with people in their traditional dress and several communal activities can be seen. Lhosar is not just for Tibetan people or concerned community, Lhosar is an identification of civilization, Lhosar is an expression of love and compassion. I would prescribe everyone to once visit monasteries or celebration spots and observe the culture of local native people, the culture of Himalayas and the civilization from altitudes.

Buddhist Monasteries across the globe organize sacred praying events in this day, these prayers translate the love and compassion of Buddha into this globe. This day, Monks also pray for the universal brotherhood and equality adjoining to world peace. Buddhist people visit monasteries and receive blessings from "Rinpoche" and also from elder members of their family. There are also traditional dance ceremonies in the community, these dances and songs narrates the story, myths and legends. Among these dances, a traditional dance narrating a survival story of a deer from a king is very famous.

Tibetan Calendar and the years of twelve animals

The Tibetan year calendar counting is made on the base of 12 different animals, starting from rat and concluding with Boar. This year 2024 is the year of male wood dragon and is considered very special and auspicious. May all your desires and destinations be accomplished, May world be decorated with peace within and out, may all be healthy and may all smiles sustain.

Happy Lhosar

-Suyog Dhakal

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