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ब्लग - साहित्य / चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष सामग्रीहरू

Haripariwartani Ekadashi


Haripariwartini Ekadashi, Jayanti Ekadashi and Waaman Ekadashi
There is a classical belief that there is no other way to destroy sins than this Ekadashi brat. It is believed that fasting on Haripariwartini Ekadashi will bring the results equivalent of performing supreme Vajpayee Yajna. Haripariwartini Ekadashi is also called Jayanti Ekadashi and Waaman Ekadashi.

Mythology of Haripariwartini Ekadashi
According to mythology, the name of Shuklapaksha Ekadashi in August is Haripariwartini Ekadashi. This Ekadashi is called Haripariwartini Ekadashi as it is the day when Lord Vishnu, who is sleeping from Ashadh Shukla Harishyani Ekadashi, changes his position. Pariwartini means changing the position. Lord Vishnu, the lord of all three worlds, is described as sleeping on the back of the serpent king, Seshnaag's back. After the pooja of this Ekadashi, copper, silver, rice, and curd are offered.

In the Tretayuga, Bali, the son of a demon named Virochana, was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu. But he had defeated Indralok and all the deities because of his prejudice against Indra.

When the Indradi deity, including Jupiter, approached Vishnu and started chanting the Vedic mantra, Vishnu assumed the form of a dwarf in his fifth incarnation to free the deities from Bali, the Asura power. First Waamana was not a Lord, but a human Avatar of God Vishnu who came to earth as a poor, short (in height often cited dwarf-like) scholar (Brahmin). Secondly, Waamana did not kill king Bali (or Maha Bali as he is more popularly known). He pushed him to Paathaala (more specifically Suthala which is ranked above Paathala in living indices of the underworld) where he is supposed to belong to.

Who are Asuras and Debas ?
Both Devas and Asuras are superhuman entities. Not all Devas are completely good and not all Asuras are evil. Devas are assigned the territory of Swarga and Asuras are assigned the territory of Paathaala. (Humans are assigned the territory of Earth.)

After Vishnubhakta Bali begged to stay with Vishnu in the Paathaala as well, on the day of Bhadrapad Shukla Ekadashi, the recognition of Hari Pariwartini Ekadashi has been established according to the legend of Vishnu institutionalizing its presence in the ashram of Bali.

People observe fast and depict their utmost devotion in this Ekadashi.
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